Perfect Pettypool

Every year our KS1 and 2 classes spend a day each at Pettypool, an outdoor centre in Cheshire. As well as a day spent in beautiful countryside, all children and staff have opportunities to take part in risk taking activities, such as climbing, abseiling and the Leap of Faith. This year we have been so lucky to enjoy amazing weather to make our days even more perfect. The team at Pettypool are fantastic and help to ensure that everyone has a go at things that they find challenging. Mrs Hiresh did the crate stacking challenge and managed to stand on a stack 10 crates high.
Year 5 had such an energetic day that most of them fell asleep on the coach back to school. In fact even Miss McLoughlin was caught ‘resting her eyelids’. David in Year 2 had heard about how tiring it was and had a little sleep on the journey to Pettypool to conserve his energy!
Year 1 were on their first visit and certainly made Miss Neary, Mrs Sinclair and Mr Bell proud as they went up the 13 metre high climbing wall with hardly a blink. Mrs Nadin was so pleased to see even the least confident children in Year 4 having a go at things. She was even more pleased to be able to have a go herself!
We are looking forward to next year already.
Here are some pictures from the Year 2 trip. Please look on each class page for more pictures.

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