The Queen visits Gorton Monastery

We had joy, we had fun, we waved flags in the sun but the joy didn’t last as the Queen sped by so fast! (To the tune of Seasons in the Sun)

We were very excited last week, when Claire from the Monastery called us to ask if we would like to go to see the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh when they visited Gorton Monastery as part of a longer visit to Manchester. We didn’t have to think twice and, with shoes polished and smart uniforms, we lined the road with cheers, flags and smiles. In fact we cheered everybody who drove past while we were waiting. I think the recycling man felt quite surprised!

A lucky group of children were allowed to go into the Monastery grounds, which allowed them to get a better view as The Queen got out of her car. Both her and the Duke looked very happy and were smiling and waving at us all.

Our reporters on the inside managed to get up even closer and took some great shots as well as interviewing some other important guests.

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