1066 at Gorton Library

Some of our classes have been very lucky this term to have been able to visit Gorton Library. They have really enjoyed these visits and have created some excellent videos linked to topics that they are covering in class.

Year 4 have been studying  1066 in history and when they visited the library they used green screen technology to make videos that put them right at the centre of the battle!

A great big thanks to Darren and Paula at the library who organised the session. Darren sent us this lovely email too.

Hi Miss Ramsey

Please find attached the photos I took during the session. The shots outside are especially cute. they are such a great bunch. Thank you again so much for all the effort you put in prepping for the session. I think it made such a huge difference to how the day went and the results we got. My colleague Paula, who organises a lot of the outreach in the area, said the trailers I showed her were the best she has seen from anywhere in the city. I thought your kids might like to know how much their work has impressed everybody here.

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