Poetry Slam

We had a great Poetry Slam, with every KS1 and 2 class learning and performing poetry for each other.

The Slam opened with a very atmospheric and moving performance of Iron and The Soldier by Y4. Then Year 1 shared a poem about aliens that they had written themselves. What talented children.

Year 5 performed I am old Father William by Lewis Carroll and Year 3 were excited to note that they were studying Alice in Wonderland by Carroll too.

Y2 not only performed a poem called He used to be a pirate, but also showed us some pirate dances that they had created.

Year 3 shared a lovely poem called Aim High, which Miss Collins said showed our school values in action. It certainly did.

Finally, Year 6 had created a fantastic, active and funny performance of Turkeys aren’t just for Christmas by Benjamin Zephaniah.

It was wonderful to see every child enjoying listening to and performing poetry.

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