Pupil Premium Grant

  Pupil Premium Report 2016 – 17

The Governors are targeting in 2017/8 PPG to facilitate the following:

  • Continue 1:1 specialist support Maths through Third Space Learning – online Year 6 Autumn/Spring, Year 5,4 and 3 target children
  • TA4 Year 6 – English and Mathematics
  • Additional TA support for Y1,Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 with focused roles and appropriate training
  • Additional TA for EYFS Spring – Summer 2018
  • Maths Lead teacher delivering maths in Y4 to focused group
  • Reading Lead teacher working with focused groups in Y1,2,3,4 and 5
  • Parental Involvement focus for teacher 2 x afternoon sessions each week – aimed at supporting parents in helping children at home
  • Interventions delivered by trained TAs – these are aimed at literacy, numeracy, physical skills and emotional/social development
  • Additional 1 to 1 intervention TA
  • Funding for a Speech and Language Therapist – focus on Foundation Stage and KS1
  • School Counsellor – Half day per week
  • Metacognition training for staff
  • Subsidised After school clubs
  • Clubs and activities targeted at more able and Gifted pupils eg; Book club for Y5 and 6 Able Readers, Gifted Writer workshops
  • Provision of a wide range of trips, visitors and experiences
  • Extending reading provision – new resources for individual reading and to provide rich reading materials to support reading across the curriculum – New English scheme of work