Sewing Star

Kai has been super busy this weekend sewing an amazing 3D Father Christmas. We are very impressed!

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The Exodus

In year 5 we have been reading the story of the Exodus, when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.


We used drama freeze frames to retell the story.


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The Moon in a Month


Year 5 have been studying our solar system, including the moon. For this activity we studied how we see the moon differently over the course of a month. We then recreated this using Oreo cookies.

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Eggsperimenting in Year 2!

Our Science topic this half term is Everyday materials and their uses.  We received a letter from some eggs who needed our help to escape from Gorton egg factory!  The only way to escape was from a high window which meant danger of smashing and not surviving.  We worked with a partner to design…

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Sporting Legends

We are mega proud of two of our sporting legends in Year 4. 

Tayon received Most Valuable Player in a recent football match and Kaiya has earned her Red Belt in martial arts! Aren't they amazing. 


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Embedded Clause

In English we were looking at embedded clauses. We played a game where we had to role a dice to choose a sentence from the ‘main clause’ column and another sentence from the ‘embedded clause’ column, then we had to write the sentence correctly in our books. We ended up with some really funny…

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St Francis Vets is open for business!

We turned our classroom into a vets practice!

We did lots of different activities like using coins to pay for pet toys and using lego to build a bed for our pets. Also, we took our pets to the vet surgery to give them a check up. Year 1 knew that we needed to do all of these tasks to make…

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Super Speech

We are practicing speech in Year 4. We use a speech sandwich to help us remember - Bread ("), butter (words spoken), ham (punctuation), bread ("). Today we  constructed speech sentences making sure we had EVERYTHING we need!


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God fullfills his Promises

This week we are thinking all about the nativity story and how it shows us that God fulfilled his promise to Mary.

We had to re-tell the story in different ways. Some of us had to create comic strips and some of us had to create news reports!

Check out our newsreports in this video. Miss…

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Variables and Debugging

Year 4 are becoming experts at block coding. We are using our skills to create an online game through Espresso Coding. This term we have been learning all about variables and changing different ones. This week tested our knowledge by 'debugging'; we had to spot the errors in a code and fix…

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Year 4 Hope

This week is the first week of advent, which is Hope. We looked at Matthew 12:17-21 “And in his name, the nations will put his hope” and discussed what this scripture may mean.

We joined in with a song all about hope, this was a really joyful, uplifting song, which showed us that when we put…

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Cross country results

Last month we timed every child in Key Stage 2 when running the school mile. We then sent off the top 3 scores for boys and girls in years 3&4 and years 5&6 to the Manchester Schools Games Organisers.

They have now collected the scores from schools all over Manchester, with a total of 3647…

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