The Manchester Mile

The Manchester P.E association have set all the children in Manchester a challenge to complete a mile in the fastest time possible.  We love a challenge so we incorporated the mile into our fitness P.E lessons.  Each child in KS2 has completed the mile this half term and recorded their own P.B…

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Messi Magic

This year we doing our competitions a little bit differently. The Manchester P.E association have spent their summer creating individual challenges for the children of Manchester to practice and record their best scores.  This half term we have focused on the football challenges. There were 4…

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Bouncing Brooke takes the top spot.

This half term the whole school has been focusing on their health and fitness during P.E.  One of the components of fitness we have been trying to improve is our leg strength. Here is a picture of our current champion, who can jump over ELEVEN cones from a standing position!  We are hoping there…

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Edward Enninful

As part of Black History Month, we learnt all about Edward Enninful. It was important for us as it made us realise that History doesn't have to be really far in the past, and recent history also impacts us today. Edward is amazing because he was the first black man to become Editor-in-Chief of…

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Amazing writing!

Miss Collins has been blown away by our recent writing based on the short film Feast.

It is our first big piece of writing in Year 4 after such a long time not in school and we have worked super hard. We are working on a new skill of editing at the moment which can be quite tricky. We are so…

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Science classification

We have had a great whole school STEM project and used lots of wonderful books to inspire our learning. In Year 6, we have been learning about classification and used Mad about Monkeys by Owen Davey.

We started by looking at how we might categorise various monkeys. Some decided on the habitat…

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Year 6 Zooming !

Year 6 embraced new ways of communicating this afternoon when they took part in a Zoom meeting  with Mrs Illidge from St Peters and all the other link Primaries.We usually have a jam packed program of transition to St Peter's with many visits  while in Y5 and 6. This will obviously be a little…

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Watch out Mo Farah!

We have a new St. Francis record! Jasper completed the mile in 7 minutes and 19 seconds yesterday.  This is the fastest time ever recorded at St. Francis!

Watch out Mo Farah!!

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Year 2 planning a story

We have just introduced a new approach to writing through school. It is called The Wtite Stuff and we were very luck to have three weeks of our writing lessons led by Mrs C - the clever lady who created it. We planned our own stories linked to a short film called Feast about a stray dog who gets…

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The Lost Words

We used watercolours to create paintings of the animals and plants in this beautiful book. We thought about the nature all around us and realised how important it is to look after our amazing world.

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Year 6 - Black History - Inspirational figures

As part of our work on Black History, Year 6 looked at the inspirational stories of Jesse Owens and Sir William Arthur Lewis. The children then researched and presented their findings to the rest of the class. We then took to clay modelling, where the children used an inspirational historical…

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Exploring our heritage!

We have been having a wonderful time during our Identity and Diversity week. We spent time thinking about what the word 'Heritage' means and exploring our different heritages. We found out some of us moved to Manchester from different countries, some of us were born in Manchester, some of us moved…

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