Investigating Pitch

We're having so much fun discovering how the pitch of sound changes. We discovered that a high pitch (squeaky like a mouse)  is normally made when an instrument is smaller, shorter or thinner. If the instrument is bigger, longer or thicker it normally has a low (rumble like a lorry) pitch. 


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Champions of Manchester

After four months of dedication and hard work, our St. Francis athletics team competed in the Manchester finals and came in first place! The children have worked consistently hard during P.E lessons since the beginning of the school year and have chosen to spend their break times practicing too.…

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Royal Tea Party

In Year 1 we are starting a new topic called Bright Lights, Big City where we will be learning all about London. We began our topic by learning all about our Queen and having a royal tea party. At royal tea parties you have to dress smartly so we came in our best outfits!  We had a special visit…

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Science of sound

We had an excellent day when we had a Science of sound workshop. We learnt SO much about sound including; what sound waves are, how sound travels, what pitch is, what different types of objects make different sounds and so much more! We all got to take part and we learnt about some instruments we…

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Nativity 2019

Our EYFS children put on a wonderful Nativity. Please watch the video and sing along!

Here are the stars of our show!



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Rising Stars - Year 3 and 4 Athletics

On Tuesday 17th December we took 8 rising stars to the Hathershaw athletics competition.  They worked very hard together and won the competition!

Here's what the pupils said about the event....

Nora - "The competition was amazing and the people who helped were really nice."

Fakhr - "I…

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When Father Christmas came for Breakfast

We had a very special visitor at our Early Years Christmas breakfast this morning.... Father Christmas! He came to see all the children and we sang a lovely song for him from our Nativity. The children, parents and teachers had a fantastic morning. 



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Reading buddies

This morning, Jordan has been reading an information text to George. They are now the best of friends! 

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Food Chains

In Year 4 we have created some fantastic food chains. We had to think about the meanings of the word predator, prey, consumer, scavenger and producer. We thought of examples for each of these in groups. Once done, we looked at food chains and how they show the transfer of energy from food to food.…

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Egg experiment results are in!!

Year 4 were very surprised to learn that the squash damaged the eggs the most not the coke! The shell of the squash egg completely decayed and broke away, leaving a black stained and squishy egg behind. The coke and apple juice stained our teeth a lot too. The best liquid for the egg was water…

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Painting in Year 5

Year 5 used painting techniques, such as, dots, scratches and splashes to create a Christmas scene from the point of view of someone outside, peering in through a window.




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Charcoal snowpeople

Year 5 have worked hard this term to experiment with line, tone and shading using charcoal. Today, They created snowpeople with Miss Santos (our resident artist) and had lots of fun doing it!


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