Dinosaur Visit

It's the first day back and Year 1 were visited by a dinosaur! We couldn't believe what we saw... Look closely at the pictures to see what we noticed and what we did.

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Reading Dens

We have been using Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rolland and Ben Mantel in our writing. It's all about the magic of books and Reading. We talked all about all the wonderful places where we like to read and what we got from books. Then we built ourselves some cosy reading dens in the classroom.…

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Easter Egg Hunt!

Year 1 had lots of fun before the Easter holidays. We did 2 Easter egg hunts! The first Hunt was to find an egg and write the number in numerals and words. Then we found real chocolate Easter Eggs. They were delicious!

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Look at Year 1 enjoying reading their new books in the reading garden. 

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Year 1's topic was all about taxis. We learnt what a taxi is and the key parts (wheels, axles and chassis). Year 1 investigated existing products that did and did not have wheels and taxis from around the world to look at the similarities and differences. Then we learnt how to attach wheels to an…

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Superhero Day!

Year 1 had so much fun on our first day back to school! We did lots of Superhero activities like saving people, melting ice using salt and water and so much more. It was great fun being superheroes for a day.

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Living or non living?

Year two have been learning all about habitats in our science lessons. We explored our school grounds habitat to look for things that were living and non living. We used our knowledge of the life processes we learned in a previous lesson to help us decide which category our finds went in. We found…

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Solving word problems in groups

We worked in small groups to read, understand and solve addition and subtraction word problems. We have been working hard this half term to solidify our knowledge of number and how to apply written methods to problem solving. 

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The Festival of Holi

Year 3 celebrated the Hindu Festival of Holi this term, which is also known as the "Festival of Love", the "Festival of Colours", and the "Festival of Spring". They read the ancient story that celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha and Krishna and created an art piece linked to…

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Easter art and design project

Behind the scenes of the hard work and creativity of Year 3 working on their Easter project of recreating the Last Supper. 

The children made salt dough to create the plates of food, used clay to make the disciples and Jesus and built the table out of wood and materials. They had so much fun…

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Whole School Easter Project

During Easter week, Mrs Nadin challenged each class to create a piece of Art/DT work to match their part of the Easter story.

As you can see, all of the entries were fantastic and Mrs Frize had a tough choice selecting the winning class. 

The winner was Year 3 with their fabulous creation of…

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Reception Phonics and Maths

This half term, Reception have been using their phonic skills to write words and sentences. The children have been using the clipboards in their play to write shopping lists, design buildings and create their own recipes in the messy play area. Reception children have also been working on their…

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