Apparent movement of the sun

Today we explored why it looks like the sun moves across the sky in the day. We outlined the shadows at different points to explore how it changed throughout the day. We learnt that the sun doesn't move but it looks like it because the earth is rotating. 


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Planets in our Solar System

During this half term, we have loved learning about space! We have been amazed and blown away by the planets in our solar system. 

We have worked over a few science and art lessons to create models of the planets showing their relative sizes to each other.

First, we used fruit to create a…

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Bee bots

This half term in computing we have been learning about algorithms. We have been putting into practise our instruction giving to direct Bee bots. 

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Year 6 Collective Worship

Over this half term, Year 6 pupils have begun to take the lead in collective worship. They have either worked alone or as a team to teach us about: Mary, harvest, community, God's world. They choose a verse from scripture and often a video or song to accompany the theme.


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Petty Pool Residential Trip

Last month, Year 6 packed their enormous bags and waved goodbye to school before setting off for their three day trip to Petty Pool Outdoor Centre. A whole range of activities ensued such as: archery, den building, fire lighting, climbing, woodland walks and throwing themselves with varying…

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Mary, Our Lady

We coloured in our own stained glass windows pictures of Mary and then stuck them all together to make one big stained glass window. Doesn't it look beautiful? We have honoured Mary this week in our collective worship lesson.

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Building Bridges

As part of our 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' topic, we have been looking at bridges. We started by looking at bridges from around our local area using google maps. We played close attention to how we could identify that it was a bridge on the map, before switching to 'street view' to see a real…

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Our fantastic Boccia team went to the Manchester Boccia competition yesterday.  They worked really hard as a team and came up with some fantastic tactics. Well done team, you made us all proud.

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Properties of Shapes

Our maths objective this week is to identify properties of 3D and 2D shapes and be able to find lines of symmetry. To start off, we have been investigating some different shapes, reminding ourselves of the difference between 2d and 3d shapes, and working out how many sides and vertices 2D shapes…

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We are Artists

In Reception, We have been sketching self portraits. We enjoyed looking at our features in the big mirror outside and using the pens to sketch our faces. We are so proud of our art work - we have displayed it in an art gallery in the classroom. 


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Black History Month

This week, we have had a Zoom call with Ifeoma Onyefulu who is a Nigerian children's author. She is best known for her picture books which feature her photographs of village life in Africa. Ifeoma told us some stories, including her book "A is for Africa". We were asked to join in by drawing some…

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Harvest collective worship

What a wonderful collective worship we celebrated together today. We learned about what harvest is and the history of the harvest festival.

Our scripture was Psalm 107:37-38. 'They sowed fields and planted vineyards that yielded a fruitful harvest; he blessed them and their numbers greatly…

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