Following this year's theme of 'Journeys', Years 5 and 6 were given the challenge of making a paper plane that would stay in the air for the longest possible time. They used their knowledge of air resistance to help them design, make and test their planes. 

They visited Year 1 to talk about how they approached their challenge and explain how their planes stayed in the air for longer. They took two pieces of A4 paper and kept one flat and scrunched the other one into a ball. Then, they asked the children which one would stay in the air longest, when dropped from the same height. This helped them to begin to understand about the larger surface area helping to keep the plane designs up in the air for a longer amount of time.

Everyone had fun learning and doing science together.

Lots of us dressed up to match our 'Journeys' theme. Miss Santos built a plane from cardboard to wear (obviously!) 

Science Week Y5