Girls - lets get confident!

Blog written by Sarah and Dolapo

On Wednesday 13th November the girls in Year 6 were very lucky to attend a workshop with two ex professional athletes, their names were Jenny and Emily.  Jenny was an Olympic 800m runner and Emily was a 200m Great British runner (I know.... we're lucky right?).

Jenny and Emily taught us the importance of having confidence and belief in ourselves.  We started with a few running games, building our confidence along the way.  They even gave us some tips and technique for running which was great coming from them two.  After that we got into small groups and played games to learn about how physical activity can help people physically and mentally. Next we learnt some SHOCKING facts and statistics about girls and sport.  The fact that upset us the most was that girls start to lose their confidence from the age of seven.

From this experience we are more knowledgeable about physical and mental well being and health and we really hope that girls have that confidence to stand up for what they want to do and take their chances in life, no matter what gender.


Dolapo - This has given me so much confidence so please remember to be confident in yourself , like I feel now.

Sarah - This has really encouraged me and the other girls to overcome my fears to speak out.