Blog written by Amber-Louise

On Monday 18th November, eight pupils from St. Francis went to the Manchester Schools Lacrosse competition. With only two practices I think we did amazing!

Our first game was against Withington Girls School (whole have won for the last two years).  During the match we scored 4 goals but unfortunately one was disallowed because of a rule we were unsure of. We ended up losing that game 4-3 but we were not disheartened because they were a really good team. The following match we played against Heald Place and we won but we didn't let ourselves get over excited as we had a few games left and even harder opponents.  Our last group game was against Green End and by far our best game, we were confident and really enjoying lacrosse.  We were striving for perfection and we won our final match before the semi finals.

The semi final was possibly our easiest match, giving us even more confidence for our Final game against Withington Girls again.  This was bar far our hardest match and unfortunately we lost to a very good team.  However, we are very proud of ourselves and have been invited the Great Manchester Schools finals in March.