Dance is a huge passion of ours at St. Francis but unfortunately in the Manchester area there are very few opportunities for us to share our love and talent.  When we were invited to a competition in Oldham we were sure not to miss out! 

The competition was a little different than we're used to because we had to learn the routine when we arrived, usually we practice, practice, practice until we have the routine perfect!  We like a challenge so this was a great opportunity for us to come out of our comfort zone.  The lady who taught us the routine has danced with Jessie J, so you can imagine how good she was. Her routine was fast but we loved it.

After learning and practicing the routine, each school had to perform to the judges and the rest of the dancers. Some of the schools were really confident and fantastic dancers. The judges really enjoyed our routine and placed us in 1st place! They also selected Lulya and Michelle as best performers and Ire for the best freestyle.

Well done girls, you represented the school perfectly.

Dance (nov 2019)