Mimi is a prolific reader and loves a wide range of books. She has recently started to enjoy magical books and loved the Wizards of Once books by Cressida Cowell. She most recently read A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison and wrote a book review .Here it is!

'There are three Widdershin sisters: Betty, Fliss and Charlie. These unfortunate children are bound by an ancient curse to the misty marshes of Crowstone. Luckily, there are three enchanted objects to help them on their perilous quest to break the curse that limits their journeys. 

Can they break the curse before it is too late?

This book is a slightly scary adventure story with fantasy too. It was written by Michelle Harrison. This beautifully crafted story was set in Crowstone. Betty, the main character, is an adventurous, determined young leader, who thinks that she has the best ideas. Unfortunately some of them don't turn out very well!

I rated the book five stars because it had many pieces to be put together and there were many clues. Not even the smartest detective coukld have seen what was happening. Nothing was simple, it had so many twists and turns and the ending is absolutely amazing!