We learnt about The Mystery of incarnationand that it means Jesus is truly human and truly God. 

We looked at some artwork which showed this. We thought about how the artist showed Jesus as God but also as a human. We also discussed what we liked and didn't like about them. 

We used these ideas to create our own beautiful art work that showed the Mystery of Incarnation. 

"I choose to to draw rain because it is always rainy in Manchester and as humans we live in Manchester and so Jesus is truly human. I chose to draw a sun and bright colours on the other side to show that Jesus is also truly God. On the human side he is walking like people do, on the God side he is flying like the angels." Tommy 

I showed the Incarnation by showing what Jesus did as a human. Such as: praying, the parable of her wedding feast and some hands that show Jesus taught people how to pray. To show he is God I drew him seeing an angel and the sun because God shines bright like the sun. I also drew the demons coming out of pigs to sow even as a human he had the power of God.   Amergin. 

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