Today we were introduced to perimeter. Perimeter Man walks around the entire outside of a shape, adding as he goes. This helped us understand that perimeter is the total length of all the sides of a shape. To help us learn we did a few fun activities.

1. We went outside to draw the perimeter of different squares and rectangles - we used our knowledge of the properties of these shapes to find missing lengths.

2. We spent some time calculating the perimeter of shapes inside - we explored the different ways we worked it out - it was great to see that lots of us used different methods.

3. Miss Collins gave us a perimeter and we had to use our knowledge of shapes (eg. if it was a square it had to be a multiple of 4) to measure and draw one with that perimeter. It helped us use our measuring skills too!

We feel ready for a week of perimeter now!

Perimeter year 4