Our Science topic this half term is Everyday materials and their uses.  We received a letter from some eggs who needed our help to escape from Gorton egg factory!  The only way to escape was from a high window which meant danger of smashing and not surviving.  We worked with a partner to design and make the best protection for the egg choosing carefully from a selection of materials Mrs Nadin provided.  We could choose from different types of fabric, bubble wrap, cardboard, wool, tubing, rubber balloons, tissue paper, plastic straws and lots more.

We included all the elements of a scientific investigation; we asked a question we wanted to find the answer to, made a prediction, thought about the equipment we'd need, wrote down how we would carry out the test, revisited our prediction to see if we were right and thought about what we'd change next time and why.  We also discussed the importance of a fair test and how we could keep our test fair by dropping all the eggs from the same height of 2m.  We had great fun investigating!


Egg drop