Today, we had another experience day in English. We were looking at jobs that stone age people had to do, and we were all very interested in how they had to make weapons in order to protect themselves and catch their food! We had a go at making our own bow and arrows using bamboo and string. We had to sharpen our arrows using the stone on the ground and then had a practice at firing our arrows. It took a lot of practice but lots of us managed to become really great at using them! We also built and repaired our 'stone-age homes', thinking about the key features they had, particularly focusing on building fires in the centre of the homes.

We all had so much fun and made Miss Radcliffe and Mrs Radcliffe so proud with how hard we all worked, and how sensible we all were on our experience day! We are loving learning about the Stone Age and can't wait to read the rest of our story!