During this half term, we have loved learning about space! We have been amazed and blown away by the planets in our solar system. 

We have worked over a few science and art lessons to create models of the planets showing their relative sizes to each other.

First, we used fruit to create a scale to understand the difference in sizes of the planets, for example,a peppercorn represented Mercury, a cherry tomato represented Earth, a space hopper represented the sun and a melon represented Jupiter. We couldn't believe the difference in their sizes. We then used a scale to show how far the planets were from each other. That blew our minds too! It really helped us understand just how big space is, how large some of the planets are and how different their sizes are. 

Next, we used clay to create the planets in relative size to each other. We were led through some instructions which helped us make sure their sizes were correct compared to each other.

Finally, we studied images of each planet in order to paint the clay as realistically as we could.

Check out our amazing models!