Last week we set up a plant experiment to test ideas as to what plants need to grow healthy and strong.  We planted cress seeds in eight plant pots to test our ideas; do plants need soil to grow? do plants need water to grow? do plants need a warm environment to grow? do plants need light to grow?

We left the plants for one week and then revisited them to look at the results and make conclusions.  We couldn't believe that in the pot with no soil, there were tiny shoots sprouting from the seeds; with light and water, they had managed to sprout but there wasn't much growth at all.  It was very interesting to observe the difference in the colour between the cress plant in the light and the one in the dark; the plant in the light was a bright green colour but the one in the dark although it had grown, it was a light greeny yellowish colour.  The seeds in the fridge hadn't grown at all so we could definitely conclude that plants need a warm temperature to grow healthy.

We concluded that plants will still grow in different conditions but they will grow strongest and healthiest if they are grown in soil with water and sunlight.  Mrs Nadin was very impressed with our scientific thinking and explanations.