Today we went on a trip to Blackpool as part of our topic 'Coastline'. When we arrived in Blackpool we visited the RNLI centre. We learned all about how to stay safe at sea, got to see the rescue boats and got to see all the equipment the RNLI volunteers need! The coastguard also paid us a visit, showing us their car and equipment, explaining their role along the coast, and they even let us hear the siren they use in emergencies! After that, we headed to Blackpool Tower. Our first stop was the 4D cinema, where there were lots of bubbles and foam- it was so much fun! Then we continued our journey to the top of the tower. All of the children were so brave and walked along the glass skywalk! Even though some children felt a little bit frightened, they faced their fears and had a try! Before we headed home, we got to go to the beach. We wrote our names in the sand and paddled in the water. We had such a great time and Miss Radcliffe and all the other adults on the trip were so proud of how well we behaved throughout the day- we did St Francis proud!