We had the best time visiting Smithills farm as part of our Sow, Grow, Farm topic. We absolutely loved everything about our day. As a pastoral farm, there were lots of animals which we got the chance to learn all about. We were able to feed them, understand how they lived and how to care for them. We got to meet lots of baby animals and cuddle them (which was amazing) as well as feeding lambs (they were very bouncy!). Smithills is a working dairy farm and we got to learn all about it. We saw and learnt how the cows are milked, saw the milk stored in a large container and learnt that it would be on people's doorstops the next day. It was so exciting to see it all happening. We also got to go on a tractor ride over the fields where the horses and donkeys pasture. We ended up on the top of hill feeding donkeys with a beautiful view of Manchester. We also got to learn about some more unusual animals including lamas, owls and pythons.

What a busy but fantastic day!