A super start to our Spanish learning in Year 5 today!  We read and learned a Spanish rhyme called 'Mi barba tiene tres pelos'; a funny rhyme about a beard with three hairs!  We practiced the rhyme in partners and then performed to the class, Mrs Nadin was very impressed with our accents and that we used our knowledge of our Spanish from last year to work out what some of the words meant in English to help us translate the rhyme.  

Our topic for the next few weeks is going to be La calle mayor - The high street.  We talked about the English high street and then looked at photos of Spain and compared the high street to England.  We started to learn the names of some of the shops imercadon Spanish; la oficina de correos - the post office, el banco - the bank, el mercado - market, el supermercado - the supermarket, la plaza - the town square.