Update from Farmer Simon!

Our farmer, Simon, sent us an update about what he has been doing over the last few weeks on his farm in Orkney. We were amazed to see that whilst he had been out on his boat, he managed to see an orca in the water! Simon also sent us this amazing video which shows a diver exploring the caves…

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Using our gift to help others

Today in RE we were looking at how we can use our gift to help others. We looked at Matthew 7:21 which says " Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven." We discussed how this meant we have to…

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Designing Hillforts!


Today we started learning about life in the Iron Age! We learned that people started living in hillforts, which were like small towns, to protect themselves from being attacked by enemy tribes! We knew that hillforts had to be well designed to help prevent an attack and also sustain the…

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Practicing using Money

This week we are consolidating our learning on money. We are all very confident in knowing which coins are which and now we are applying our knowledge to be able to count money. Some of us had to fill the piggy banks in different ways which was super fun and some of us were given lots of…

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Playing the Glockenspiels

Today in music we learned how to use the Glockenspiels to play a song. We looked at how to play the notes F, E and D. Then we all had to practice playing the notes in the correct order on the correct beat. Once we had become familiar with the notes, we played along to a backing track. The song…

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Investigating Rocks!

Today was the start of our new unit of work in science and we were beginning to look at rocks. We found out there were 3 different types of natural rocks; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. Then we had to identify the different rocks based on their physical properties. Finally, we did some…

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Fractions of Amounts

Today in maths, we looked at finding fractions of amounts. We used cubes and hoops/chalk to help us. Some of us were finding unit fractions and others were finding non-unit fractions of amounts. It was challenging, but we all persevered and made great progress! 

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Saul becomes Paul

Today in RE, we were learning about the story of Saul. Saul was a man who hated Christians, he wasn't very kind to them and made bad choices. After being blinded by a bright light, Saul was cured and found God. God had changed his heart and Saul started to spread the word of God and was kind.…

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Welcome to the Bronze Age!

Today in Topic, we moved into the Bronze Age! We learned about how bronze started to replace stone, to make things such as weapons, as it was much stronger! We discovered that bronze is made from mixing copper and tin, and the process they used to do this was called 'smelting'. We then had a…

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This week in topic, we have been looking at Stonehenge. We went on a 'virtual visit' of Stonehenge and then learned all about it, looking at theories as to what it was used for or why it was built. We then discussed the layout of the stones and why they may be arranged in this way. It was our…

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This week in RE, we were looking at forgiveness. We spoke about what it means to be a Christian and looked at the bible's teachings about forgiveness. We spoke about Matthew 18:22,

Peter asked, "What if that person hurts me again and again, should I forgive him seven times?"


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Bows and Arrows!

Today, we had another experience day in English. We were looking at jobs that stone age people had to do, and we were all very interested in how they had to make weapons in order to protect themselves and catch their food! We had a go at making our own bow and arrows using bamboo and string.…

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