Welcome to the Bronze Age!

Today in Topic, we moved into the Bronze Age! We learned about how bronze started to replace stone, to make things such as weapons, as it was much stronger! We discovered that bronze is made from mixing copper and tin, and the process they used to do this was called 'smelting'. We then had a…

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This week in topic, we have been looking at Stonehenge. We went on a 'virtual visit' of Stonehenge and then learned all about it, looking at theories as to what it was used for or why it was built. We then discussed the layout of the stones and why they may be arranged in this way. It was our…

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This week in RE, we were looking at forgiveness. We spoke about what it means to be a Christian and looked at the bible's teachings about forgiveness. We spoke about Matthew 18:22,

Peter asked, "What if that person hurts me again and again, should I forgive him seven times?"


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Bows and Arrows!

Today, we had another experience day in English. We were looking at jobs that stone age people had to do, and we were all very interested in how they had to make weapons in order to protect themselves and catch their food! We had a go at making our own bow and arrows using bamboo and string.…

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Word Problems!

This week in maths, we were working on consolidating our knowledge of multiplication and division. We had lots of practice at using the standard method for multiplication, and the bus stop method for division, before tackling some word problems! We worked brilliantly as teams to get all the…

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Skara Brae!

Today, as part of our topic, we were looking at Skara Brae, which is an archaeological site of a stone age settlement! We learned lots of things about it, such as where it is, how it was discovered, what the insides looked like, and why it was built in a certain way. We then used our amazing…

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Life in the Stone Age!

gallery-slideshow:Life in the Stone Age}

This half term, we will be looking at "The Stone Age Boy" book in our English lessons. Today was an experience day where we were able to try some of the things that people would have done in the stone age! We had a go at some fishing, weaving, sewing,…

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Our Class Treat!

This half term, year 3 have been working incredibly hard and have managed to get all of their marbles into their class jar. The children decided they would like to watch a movie, and have some smores! We all toasted our marshmallows on the barbeque, before squishing them between 2 biscuits- they…

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Fruits of the Holy Spirit

This week in RE, we looked at 'The Fruits of the Holy Spirit', which are the fruits which grow inside us with the help of the Holy Spirit. They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. 

We had the outline of various fruits and had to use…

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Celebrating Pentecost

This week in RE, Year 3 learned about Pentecost. We learned that one day, when the apostles were praying, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be their helper and changed their lives forever! On the day of Pentecost, there was a very strong wind that filled the room with an almighty roar, and the…

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Cave Art

Today in Topic, we travelled back to the Stone Age! We had a look at some cave art and discussed what we could see in the images. Then, we had a try at creating our very own cave paintings. First, we stained our paper using teabags. Then, we practiced using cocktail sticks to paint our…

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Growing our own plants!

Over the past few weeks in Science we have been investigating plants, looking at different parts of plants and designing the 'perfect conditions' which help them to grow. Today, we all planted our own seeds that we will be watching grow over the next few weeks!

We were also asked if we…

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