Farming in different climate zones

Today we learnt about the different climate zones in the world, researching them and what makes them distinct. We then created our own climate zone world maps using a key. We then spent time researching different produce that are farmed outside the UK. We explored what they needed to grow and what…

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Sketching produce

Today our art lesson linked to our farming topic. We spent time sketching  fresh produce grown in farms across the UK. Our focus was to create depth and make our drawings as 3D as possible using different shading techniques. We also spent time trying to create shadows in order to make them look as…

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Collective Worship - Happiness

Our Collective Worship theme this week was Happiness. We spent time discussing the fact that real happiness comes from God and our Word Psalm 119 reminded us of that. 

We created sunflowers for each class in school. The petals had truths about God, such as he loves us or he will heal us when we…

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Fun on the farm!

We had the best time visiting Smithills farm as part of our Sow, Grow, Farm topic. We absolutely loved everything about our day. As a pastoral farm, there were lots of animals which we got the chance to learn all about. We were able to feed them, understand how they lived and how to care for them.…

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We want to make a change!

We have been writing a persuasive letter about child labour in our English unit. This week, we spent time researching a topic of our choice that we are passionate about. This included child poverty, mental health, environment issues and effects of online games. We researched the key impact of…

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4 and 6 figure grid references

Today we used  OS maps to locate different land uses in the UK and identify and learn more OS symbols We then used 4 figure grid references to locate farms in Devon. We explored 6 figure references with Mrs Cozens. We spent time using symbols and contour lines to explore why certain farms were…

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Types of farming

Today we explored the different types of farming in the UK. We learnt all about pastoral, arable and mixed farming. We learnt why different farms are located in different places and what different farms require. We learnt all about climate, topography and soil and how these are key factors in…

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Rounding decimals

Today we played 2 games to consolidate our understanding of rounding decimals. The first was to pick a card and follow the instruction eg. round to the nearest tenth. We then had to decide whether you round it up or down and throw it into the correct bucket.  The second game was rounding bingo, we…

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Land uses in the UK

Today we were introduced to the different land uses in the UK. We watched a video, took notes and discussed it as a class to inform us on the different types of land uses. We used our knowledge to create a glossary of terms  and flip book to explain different land uses. After that, used google…

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Features of a persuasive letter

Today we were introduced to our newest writing topic. We worked in pairs to identify different features of a persuasive letter. We also explored what types of paragraphs you may include to structure a letter. Using examples, we also were able to collect a bank of persuasive openers and emotive…

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We are superstars!

We had the best day at the Royal Northern Collage of Music performing our Secret Garden Opera. We were incredible and everyone was so proud of us.

We love getting to have delicious pizzas, hang out together, watch other schools and perform with a real orchestra on a real stage! 

Keep an eye…

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Alfred the Great

Today we continued looking at the struggle for Britain between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We now know that the Vikings returned to Britain to settle and this resulted in many battles between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We moved slightly further in our timeline today to be introduced to…

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