Building Bridges

We have been learning all about rivers and mountains in our current topic. We spent some time studying the structures of bridges, in particular when they use beams for support, we used this information to create our own bridges.

There were a number of steps:

1. look at different cross…

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Investigating Decimals

We are really confident with rounding and ordering decimals as we have worked so hard this week. To apply our understanding today, we had a very tricky investigation. We had to use our understanding of place value to correctly order decimals in a variety of ways! It took us a long time but Miss…

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In music we are learning the wonderful song Blackbird by the Beatles. In the first lesson,we learnt to sing it and today was our first time using the glockenspiels to play the song. We had to use notes C  D   E. It is tricky but we made a lot of progress!


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We had so much fun exploring sound waves in science today!

We found out that the bigger the vibration the louder the noise and that sound is produced by vibrations. We found this out when we put a tuning fork in water and it all splashed on our face because of the vibrations. We also saw it…

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Liturgical Calender

Today we learnt all about the Liturgical Calender. We spent time researching the different seasons, what their names where, what colour was used during that time, what the colour represented and what happened during that season. We became experts and Miss Collins was so impressed with what we…

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Solving 2-step problems

Today in Maths we had to solve 2 step word problems - it was tricky so we worked with a partner, discussed with Miss Collins and used the bar model!

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Science of Sound

We had an amazing time with Sam from science of sound today! We spent the morning learning all about sound. We explored instruments and we learnt and were able to:

  • identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating
  • recognise that vibrations from sounds travel…
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How do mountains form?

In geography today we were learning all about how mountains form. First we had to understand what tectonic plates were and the different ways they moved - we did this using whipped cream and crackers!

Then we looked at four different types of mountains; dome, volcanic, fold and fault-block. We…

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A wheely fun morning!

We had the BEST time on Friday morning. We had earned our treat from last term and the sunshine meant we could finally do it! We brought in bikes, scooters and roller skates for our wheely day. We had so much fun! Miss Collins and Mr Lowe were also so proud of how we shared our things and helped…

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In ICT we have been looking at databases. We learnt what a database was and that one example was a spreadsheet. We answered questions from a database and added to it with our own information. 

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A Journey of imagination

Today we had an experience day to introduce us to our new book The Journey by Aaron Becker. In the story a little girl goes on a magical journey through a land which she enters into using her imagination and a crayon. 

We set off on our own "Imagination Journies" through the school. We took a…

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Presenting Data

Today we had an afternoon of working scientifically. We had to take systematic and accurate measurements of how far we jumped, record these and present in a bar chart. We then used this information to draw conclusions and ask questions. 


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