Water Cycle

Our mini water cycles are up and ready to demonstrate the stages of the water cycle. We can't wait to see evaporation, condensation and precipitation happening before our eyes! 

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Investigating states of matter

We had so much fun investigating how states of matter change. We were focusing on making scientfic predictions.

We explored different temperatures which helped us make more accurate predictions of the temperature of boiling and freezing water and melting and freezing chocolate. 

After we had…

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River sketches

Today we had a tricky lesson or learning how to draw in perspective, making things look like they are going into the distance. We did a super job. 

After we'd had some practice, we draw a sketch of a river going into the distance. We used a quadrant to help us and shading to make it…

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We have been learning how to divide whole numbers by 10 and 100 this week and are very confident now! Today we combined our understand with measures too. We had to measure different parts of the body and then divide those answers by 10 and 100. 


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States of matter

We had so much fun exploring solids, liquids and gases in science today! We asked lots of questions and investigated as we explored, it helped us to understand the different properties of these matters. We learnt all about their properties while look at their similarities and differences. We had…

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Place Value fun!!

We had so much fun exploring place value today; identifying the value of digits, creating numbers, comparing and ordering numbers!


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World Rivers

We have been so busy using atlases to locate major rivers in the world. We've used so many skills like: using an index, identifying continents, identifying countries, using an atlas, reading coordinates. We were amazed how many countries some rivers flow through! 


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Water Cycle experience day

We have begun our new writing unit where we will be writing an explanation text about the water cycle. 

Today we made our own water cycle in the classroom. We created salty sea water, warmed it up, watched as the water evaporated and cooled forming condensation (our clouds). We then saw the…

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Journey of a river

We took ourselves on a journey of a river, starting at the source and ending at the mouth by the sea. We had to draw our river as we went, stopping all the time to create new features like tributaries and meanders. We had to identify the features and the different parts and talk about what…

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Grouping Animals

In Science we are learning about Living things and their habitats.

We spent time thinking about the different ways we could group living things - thinking about their habitats, what type of animal they are, their covering (fur, scales, feathers etc), what they eat and many more.

We used Venn…

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Bar Models

We have been working so hard in Year 4 to become confident at using standard mehtod addition and subtraction. To extend our learning, we have been looking at multi-step problems. These can be very tricky so we are learning to use the bar model to help us. We spent time working through questions…

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Today year 4 attended The School of Mummification. We learnt all about how the Ancient Egyptian's mummified their dead bodies. 

We then had to mummify a tomatoe. First we removed all the organs from the body, throwing away the brain but keeping the liver,stomach, intestines and lungs and…

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