Super Speech

We are practicing speech in Year 4. We use a speech sandwich to help us remember - Bread ("), butter (words spoken), ham (punctuation), bread ("). Today we  constructed speech sentences making sure we had EVERYTHING we need!


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God fullfills his Promises

This week we are thinking all about the nativity story and how it shows us that God fulfilled his promise to Mary.

We had to re-tell the story in different ways. Some of us had to create comic strips and some of us had to create news reports!

Check out our newsreports in this video. Miss…

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Variables and Debugging

Year 4 are becoming experts at block coding. We are using our skills to create an online game through Espresso Coding. This term we have been learning all about variables and changing different ones. This week tested our knowledge by 'debugging'; we had to spot the errors in a code and fix…

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Year 4 Hope

This week is the first week of advent, which is Hope. We looked at Matthew 12:17-21 “And in his name, the nations will put his hope” and discussed what this scripture may mean.

We joined in with a song all about hope, this was a really joyful, uplifting song, which showed us that when we put…

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Trusting in God

Today we learnt all about Joseph and how angel Gabriel visited him to tell him about Mary having a baby. We realised that he really had to trust in God as it was such a scary, unknown and unusual thing for him to do. We went outside to complete a trust exercise with our partner - we were able to…

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Perimeter practise

We are becoming so confident at calculating the perimeter of rectangles and squares! 


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Perimeter with Perimeter Man

Today we were introduced to perimeter. Perimeter Man walks around the entire outside of a shape, adding as he goes. This helped us understand that perimeter is the total length of all the sides of a shape. To help us learn we did a few fun activities.

1. We went outside to draw the perimeter of…

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Gabriel visits Mary

In RE this term we have been learning about people in the Bible who had to trust in God. This week we spent time learning about Mary and exploring the story of when Gabriel visited her to tell her all about having baby Jesus. We thought lots about how Mary would have felt, why God chose her, why…

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Block Coding

We are loving our ICT lessons. This term we are learning all about Block Coding, we have to follow the instructions to create a game. Miss Collins is so impressed with our skills.


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Roman Soldiers

We had the best time learning all about Roman Soldiers - we watched videos and read stories that helped us become experts about them; learning all about their equipment, the structure of the army, why they were so successful, why men wanted to be in the army and what benefits they got. We also…

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We love playing Gozinto to help us with our factors and multiples in Year 4.

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Roman Invasion

Today Year 4 were introduced to our topic called I am Warrior which is all about the Roman Empire!

We spent time looking at the chronology of the Roman Empire, organising ourselves into a timeline and we saw how it spread and conquered many countries.

We then found out all about how the…

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