Where does Alan Turing live?

We spent time exploring key places in Alan Turing’s life. We had to locate them on Google maps, then we created our own map of Manchester, identifying the key places from his life there. We created our own key to identify them. We then researched what these places were and why they were important.…

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Mastering Multiplication

We have become very confident at multiplying 4 digit by 2 digit. As a result, we worked in pairs to solve problems including sats style questions which meant we had to apply our understanding.

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Exploring Manchester's Past

Today we did some incredible History all about the past of Belle Vue and Manchester.

1. We looked at maps of Manchester, our first source. We worked in groups to order them from oldest to newest. We had to use clues to do this. Lots of us realised that the older the maps the smaller Manchester…

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Decimal and equivalent fractions

We are excellent at decimals and fractions but today we explored new fractions. We discovered what the decimals were for 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/8 and 1/2 as well as 1/10 and 1/100. We had to memorise and practise with our partner to try and remember them. Then we used this understanding to know what 2/5…

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Today in our topic lesson we had to persevere with some tricky art. We used pointillism (dotting) to create an effective portrait of Alan Turing. We also had to use colour mixing in order to create a range of needed colours. 


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Remembrance Line Drawing Poppies

As part of our respect to remember those who have fought to protect us, we created a remembrance poppy piece of art work. We used the year 4 skill of line drawing to create effective art work. We then folded and stuck them effectively in order to make the art 3D.


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The life of Alan Turing

Today we were introduced to our new class topic of Alan Turing. We quickly realised he was an amazing man who had a huge impact on us today. We spent time researching his life in order to create a time line of his life. 


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A walk with Amal and Refugee Children

We had the most amazing week exploring refugees in line with looking at Amal’s journey. Amal is a giant puppet who has walked from Syria all the way to Manchester to highlight the plight of children refugees everywhere. We were amazed by our journey and have learnt so much about Refugees!


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Apparent movement of the sun

Today we explored why it looks like the sun moves across the sky in the day. We outlined the shadows at different points to explore how it changed throughout the day. We learnt that the sun doesn't move but it looks like it because the earth is rotating. 


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Planets in our Solar System

During this half term, we have loved learning about space! We have been amazed and blown away by the planets in our solar system. 

We have worked over a few science and art lessons to create models of the planets showing their relative sizes to each other.

First, we used fruit to create a…

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Still I Rise

As part of our learning about Maya Angelou, we read and studied her poem 'Still I Rise'. We thought it was incredibly powerful especially when you understand the story behind it. 

You can read it here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46446/still-i-rise

We wrote our own version of…

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Maya Angelou

During Black History Month, we have been learning all about Maya Angelou. We have loved learning about her life and her works. Not only this but we also learnt about the impact she has had on life today. We read some of her poems which were amazing. We spent time researching her life to create an…

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