Charcoal snowpeople

Year 5 have worked hard this term to experiment with line, tone and shading using charcoal. Today, They created snowpeople with Miss Santos (our resident artist) and had lots of fun doing it!


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One of Year 5's art objectives is to use batik (an art technique using hot wax orginating from Africa) to wax and tie dye fabric. The children's created their own Christmas scene to use on their cards/calendars. 


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Gathering and presenting data.

Year 4 became data experts - they thought of a question they wanted to find out, drew a table, gathered data from Year 4 and 5 and presented it beautifully on bar graphs!! 


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Conductor or insulator?

We,be had loads of fun investigations which materials conduct electricity and which ones do not. We learnt metals are great conductors. We were surprised by pipe cleaners which conduct electricity eventhough we thought they didn't because they had metal on the inside! 

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Art Gallery Visit

We had a fantastic time visiting the central library and Manchester Art Gallery to take part in some history and art workshops about the Greeks. 

We were lucky enough to learn about different Greek gods and goddesses and creat our own modern day god, we made top trump cards for different gods,…

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Blue Peter Badge

We are so proud of Maame who is now a Blue Peter Badge winner! She got it for trying a new sport - what a little super star! Who will be next to get one? Check out their website to see what opportunities there are. Let's see if the whole class could get one!

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We have been reading the book 'Escape Pompeii' and have loved learning all about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, writing stories and researching facts to write non-chronological reports. As one of our final activities, we had to create our own sketch about the eruption. We had to write the script,…

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Rangoli patterns for Diwali

We had a lovely time learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We spent some time learning how Hindus celebrate the festival and one of the ways is through creating Rangoli patterns. We looked at different examples and used this to create our own. We took our time to make sure our patterns were…

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Collective Worship from our Chaplains

Miss Collins was so proud of some of our chaplains this week. Elan, Nurshairah and Chayil led a fantastic session on 'Being Sorry'. It was the first time they had led one and they did a fantastic job. It was really thought provoking and the whole class were really challenged! Thank you…

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Amazing switches

In science, we have been learning all about electricity. This week our objective was to learn how a switch worked. We investigated using circuit components and discovered that when a switch was closed the bulb turned on and when it was open the bulb turned off. Using our prior knowledge, we…

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Matt Goodfellow

We had an amazing time listening to and learning from the poet Matt Goodfellow. We were lucky enough to head to a poetry workshop at the library for poetry day. We got to listen to and join in with lots of Matt's poems. We even got to write our own poem called 'Have you seen....?' with Matt. He…

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Abraham and Sarah

We learnt all about the story of Abraham in RE. We recalled it and retold it in our own rewords.

We thought about what the story teaches us about God - he will always keep his promises, even if they seem impossible!

If you're not sure of the story, have a listen to us! 

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