The Little Red Hen

We have been exploring signs of spring and reading the Little Red Hen. We really enjoyed making our own bread and acting out the story. We also enjoyed experimenting with different resources to create our own spring art work. 

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The Tiny Seed

We have been learning about caring for things in our environment. We have been:

-Pretending to be seeds and following the plant life cycle.

-Measuring plants.

-Making our own plant pots and planting our own seeds.

-Writing about the life cycle of a plant.

Investigating seeds.

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Phonics Stay and Play

What a success our third 'Phonics stay and play' of the year was. This was a great opportunity for parents, teachers and children to share our progress together. It also enabled the parents to find out what their child's next steps are with their reading and writing so they can support them at…

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Spring is here

What a way to introduce our new topic.... sitting underneath the beautiful blossom trees reading 'Hello Spring'. This half term we will be learning about Spring, and being caring towards our environment and each other.

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Science Week

We had a great week doing lots of science investigations. We predicted what might happen and then did our own investigations to find out. We especially enjoyed experimenting with making colourful rain clouds. 



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Balance Bikes

In EYFS, we can hire out our own bikes. We have to write our name/find our name on the sign out sheet so we know which number bike to use. When we return the bikes, we rub our name out/take our name off the sheet. This week, we enjoyed following the story map around the bike track, stopping off at…

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'Superworm is super long! Superworm is super strong!'

We really enjoyed exploring this fantastic book! We made our own superworms and found things that were longer, shorter and the same length. We also looked at books about worms and had a Friday quiz to see how much information we had found…

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We loved exploring the book 'Supertato!'. We made our own supertato using different materials. On the country road, we made an obstacle course to help the veggies escape the evil pea! This was a fun activity that helped us develop our movement, balancing and jumping skills. 

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World Book Day


We really enjoyed dressing up and being in character all day! Everyone experienced a range of different activities which enabled us all to get a real enjoyment from reading and listening to stories. 


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The Highway Rat

We have been reading, The Highway Rat. We made our own pretend bonfire to celebrate the highway rat giving us all the food back. We sang songs around the fire and drank hot chocolate! What a great celebration!

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Number Composition

We love to explore number composition outside! We can get fit, have fun AND learn Mathematic skills, all at the same time! This activity shows us exploring the composition of numbers to 10 by throwing beanbags in the hoops in different ways. 

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The Gingerbread Man


We have had a fantastic week exploring this wonderful traditional tale. Here are some of the play and learning experiences we have taken part in:

  • Baking and decorating our own gingerbread men.
  • A tour around the…
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