Celebrating our dance superstars!

These four fantastic children took part in individual and group dance competitions over the weekend and all returned to school with first and second place trophies and medals. We are SO proud of our St Francis superstars! Well done Lexi, Lewis, Lily and Mario. 

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Art and Music

The children listened to different songs and created an image of how the song made them feel and what it helped them to imagine. They did this using charcoal, pastel crayons and water colour paint. The results were fantastic - what a creative bunch! 

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Harry Potter Studios Part 4: Hogwarts Castle and The Forbidden Forest.

The final set of photos from our amazing trip to Harry Potter Studios. 

Thank you to all of the adults that helped make the trip so special for the children, but most importantly, thank you to the 40 children who came on the trip; behaviour was exceptional, everybody was smiling and joining in,…

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Harry Potter Studios Part 3: exploring Diagon Alley, Gringotts Wizard Bank and casting spells.


The adventure continues....

Exploring the set of Diagon Alley was truly magical, but I think we would all agree that the best bit was when the dragon came after us!

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Reading at break time

At break time, Ayo was spotted with his nose in a book. How lovely to see!

Where do you love to read?

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Harry Potter Studios part 2: flying cars, flying motorbikes, the Knight bus and more.

We began to explore the different magical transport from the films and visit different classrooms. In the potions classroom, the cauldrons were stirring themselves, in Hagrid's hut, we saw his dog (Fang) and we even saw the moving staircases and portraits on the wall. Plus, we had our first flying…

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Harry Potter Studios part 1: Receiving our Hogwarts letters and leaving number 4 Privet Drive, through Platform 9 and 3/4, waving goodbye on the Hogwarts Express and arriving at Hogwarts.

The magical experience began as soon as we arrived at Harry Potter Studios, the music, props, pictures (most of them moving just like in the films) and sets were available to see as we queued up. We then watched a short clip on a big screen, which then lifted up to reveal the entrance to the Great…

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Amazing, this is just like magic!

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic Harry Potter themed day yesterday! After finishing our English text (The Philosopher's Stone) and producing some wonderful writing, the children were eager to watch the film, and recognise their favourite character's from the book. We also enjoyed a competitive game of…

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Breaking news: two book worms spotted in Year 4's reading corner.

Wednesday mornings are for reading relaxation! There's nothing better than losing yourself in a book.

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Science in Action


In Year 4, we were experimenting with solids, liquids and gases. We discussed reversible and irreversible states and the product of mixing different solids, liquids and gases together. In teams, we created a bottle boat and mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together to generate a gas,…

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The History of Belle Vue at Gorton Monastery

Year 4 visited Gorton Monastery for an interesting history session about Belle Vue. We couldn't believe that Belle Vue Zoo was just around the corner and even had a resident monkey, who wandered around the Zoo all day. There were many interesting historical items to investigate on the day and we…

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