Year 2 helped a shipwrecked pirate.

Year 2 wrote some excellent replies after receiving a message in a bottle from a shipwrecked pirate. He asked them for advice.


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Sports Week 2019

A picture speaks a thousand words!


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D and T in Early Years

In Early Years we aim to provide our children with experiences that form the foundation for later work in DT. These early experiences include asking questions about how things work, investigating and using a variety of construction kits, materials, tools and products, developing making skills and…

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Drumming showcase

Year 3 Djembe Drummers in action! Year 3 showcased their drumming to the whole school. They were excellent.

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African Drumming Showcase

Our fabulous African Drumming teams from Year 2 and 3 performed for us this afternoon. They were absolutely brilliant and everyone left the hall feeling very happy and energised. A huge thank you to our Drumming teacher Leman.

Have a look at the video and I'm sure you will feel the…

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Picnic in the sunshine!

Year 3 had a lovely treat this lunchtime-a picnic on the grass. Linda made them all sandwiches and they had ice lollies too. They played games and had music to dance to. I bet they would love to do this every day.

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Land Ahoy!

We had a great Pirate day in Year 2. Here we are sailing our ship on the search for treasure.

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Gorton Monastery


Year 2 walked up to Monastery and had a very interesting visit learning about the history of this beautiful building. We found out that when our original school was built it was in the Monastery grounds. There was a St Francis High School there too.

 A huge thank you to the parents who…

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Art Gallery visit

Year 3 had a wonderful day visiting both the Central Library and Manchester Art Gallery. They went behind the scenes at the Library and thought about the use of photography as a  way to help people to find out about the library. They also went to the Art Gallery and spent time looking at pictures…

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Hate Crime Awareness Event

Year 4 represented us beautifully at the Hate Crime Awareness event in Levenshulme. They performed two songs that they had chosen that they felt represented how we should treat other people. There were several other schools there who also performed. The adults there very impressed by our children…

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Rollercoaster designers


Year 5 had a very creative afternoon designing rollercoasters. Their task was to design a rollercoaster that would make a marble loop the loop. Some groups aimed to get two loop the loops into their designs. They worked brilliantly as teams and showed real resiliance.

Next stop-…

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Times Tables Rock Stars

Our Champion this week is Ellee in Year 5. She has improved her time this week and is now a Rock Legend! Who will it be next week?

Remember, you have to complete 10 Studio games in order to appear on the Leaderboard.

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