Balloon Globes

Today Year 1 made globes using a balloon. We cut and stuck the continents on the balloon and stuck coloured string to show the equator and the different climate zones. 

Have a look at our globes!

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Delicious Fraction Pizzas!

To help Year 1 learn about fractions, we made tasty pizzas and cut them into quarters.

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Tens and Ones

Today, the children were exploring numbers to 100 and showing it in tens and ones.

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Dinosaur Visit

It's the first day back and Year 1 were visited by a dinosaur! We couldn't believe what we saw... Look closely at the pictures to see what we noticed and what we did.

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Easter Egg Hunt!

Year 1 had lots of fun before the Easter holidays. We did 2 Easter egg hunts! The first Hunt was to find an egg and write the number in numerals and words. Then we found real chocolate Easter Eggs. They were delicious!

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Look at Year 1 enjoying reading their new books in the reading garden. 

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Year 1's topic was all about taxis. We learnt what a taxi is and the key parts (wheels, axles and chassis). Year 1 investigated existing products that did and did not have wheels and taxis from around the world to look at the similarities and differences. Then we learnt how to attach wheels to an…

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Superhero Day!

Year 1 had so much fun on our first day back to school! We did lots of Superhero activities like saving people, melting ice using salt and water and so much more. It was great fun being superheroes for a day.

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St Francis Vets is open for business!

We turned our classroom into a vets practice!

We did lots of different activities like using coins to pay for pet toys and using lego to build a bed for our pets. Also, we took our pets to the vet surgery to give them a check up. Year 1 knew that we needed to do all of these tasks to make…

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Seasonal changes

Today, Year 1 were looking closely at deciduous and evergreen trees and the changes in seasons. Our afternoon was full of leaf hunting, leaf collecting, dot painting and leaf printing. 

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Black History Week

During the last week of autumn 1 Year 1 learnt some interesting things about some important people from Bakck History. We found out some amazing facts about Sir Trevor McDonald and Serena Williams. Did you know Serena Williams has won 357 tennis matches?!

We even got to interview each…

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Puppy Love!

On Monday, Year 1 had a very special guest. We got to meet Miss Saxon's dog, Mabel. This term, our topic is paws, claws and whiskers and Year 1 got to ask Miss Saxon some questions about how she keeps Mabel happy. We also looked at some of our other pets like Miss Saxon's horse and Miss Gardner's…

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