Spanish Classroom Instructions

In Year 6 Spanish, we have been learning some simple classroom instructions, such as: Silencio, Repetid and Escuchad. 

We played 'Simon Dice' (Simon Says) to help us hear and understand the vocabulary.


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The Science of Light


Today in science, year 3 learned that some objects reflect light better than others. We created a 'dark box' by wrapping shoe boxes in black paper and carefully cutting out holes to control how much light could enter the box. We made predictions about which of the 5 objects ( A spoon,…

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Everyday Materials


In our science lesson this week we have been looking at materials that we use in our everyday lives. We chose some amazing adjectives to describe them, such as; Rough, Smooth and Bendy. 


We then went on a hunt around school to find some materials and place them into a category…

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Centripetal Force

Year 5 learned all about Centripetal Forces in their science lesson this week. Centripetal force is what keeps us in our roller coaster seats when they go upside down, as well as keeping the water in our buckets when we spin them around our heads, as you can see in our pictures.


We learned…

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The Exodus

In year 5 we have been reading the story of the Exodus, when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.


We used drama freeze frames to retell the story.


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Year 5 Black History

In year 5 we looked at protests through the years and how it has been used to enact change in the world. We looked at protest figures such as Colin Kaepernick and Claudia Jones and debated whether or not we agreed with their methods.


To finish our learning, we held our own protest march…

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Fun in the Snow

In EYFS we wrapped up in our warmest clothes and had some fun in the snow. We made snowmen, had sleigh rides and when it got too cold, we headed inside for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

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