Science of sound

We had an excellent day when we had a Science of sound workshop. We learnt SO much about sound including; what sound waves are, how sound travels, what pitch is, what different types of objects make different sounds and so much more! We all got to take part and we learnt about some instruments we…

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Food Chains

In Year 4 we have created some fantastic food chains. We had to think about the meanings of the word predator, prey, consumer, scavenger and producer. We thought of examples for each of these in groups. Once done, we looked at food chains and how they show the transfer of energy from food to food.…

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Egg experiment results are in!!

Year 4 were very surprised to learn that the squash damaged the eggs the most not the coke! The shell of the squash egg completely decayed and broke away, leaving a black stained and squishy egg behind. The coke and apple juice stained our teeth a lot too. The best liquid for the egg was water…

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Gathering and presenting data.

Year 4 became data experts - they thought of a question they wanted to find out, drew a table, gathered data from Year 4 and 5 and presented it beautifully on bar graphs!! 


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The Digestive system!

We learnt what each organ in the digestive system did and taught the rest of the class so they could learn too.

If you want to know, check out our helpful video!! 


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Which liquids damage our teeth most.

We've set up an experiment to test which liquids will damage our teeth the most. 

Will it be coke, water, milk, squash or apple juice??

keep checking the blog to see what happens to the eggs.

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Instruction time!

We have been reading The Incredible Book eating Boy in English and in science we have been learning all about the digestive system. Tomorrow we will be writing a set of instructions but first we had to make our sandwiches. It wasn't as easy as it sounds though, we had to learn about imperative…

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Conductor or insulator?

We,be had loads of fun investigations which materials conduct electricity and which ones do not. We learnt metals are great conductors. We were surprised by pipe cleaners which conduct electricity eventhough we thought they didn't because they had metal on the inside! 

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Art Gallery Visit

We had a fantastic time visiting the central library and Manchester Art Gallery to take part in some history and art workshops about the Greeks. 

We were lucky enough to learn about different Greek gods and goddesses and creat our own modern day god, we made top trump cards for different gods,…

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Making Roman pots from clay

Year 4 spent the afternoon sketching their design and then creating their own Roman pot from clay. What concentration and skills being shown. 


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Blue Peter Badge

We are so proud of Maame who is now a Blue Peter Badge winner! She got it for trying a new sport - what a little super star! Who will be next to get one? Check out their website to see what opportunities there are. Let's see if the whole class could get one!

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We have been reading the book 'Escape Pompeii' and have loved learning all about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, writing stories and researching facts to write non-chronological reports. As one of our final activities, we had to create our own sketch about the eruption. We had to write the script,…

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