'The House of Sweets' Childrens' Opera at the RNCM

What a fantastic night! The children performed on stage at the RNCM and what a performance it was! Every child's line could be heard clearly, the songs were all performed amazingly and every action was timed to perfection.


Year 5, I am SO proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for…

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Behind the scenes at the RNCM

Backstage at the Royal Northern College of Music before our show, we enjoyed relaxing in our own dressing room and getting a taste for what life would be like as a famous actor/actress. To get into the zone, we sat quietly together and visualised ourselves on stage being loud, clear and…

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Beverley Naidoo

Author Visit Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to enjoy an author visit from Beverley Naidoo, the author of the book 'Journey to Jo'burg', which is studied in Year 5. All children in Year 5 and 6 engaged so well with this book and all of the issues surrounding South Africa during apartheid. Beverley…

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BikeRight visit our school every year to teach our Year 5 children how to cycle safely on the roads.This is such an important life skill and we hope that our children develop a love of cycling and continue it through their lives.

 We have been busy cycling in and around school this week,…

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Diwali: the festival of light.

In Year 5, we enjoyed a variety of activities to understand and celebrate Diwali: creating scratch pad art work with rangoli patterns and symbols linked to Diwali; making our own diyas out of clay and using stop-start animation software on the iPads to re-tell the story of Rama and…

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Golden time chess

It's a stalemate !

Here is our extremely enthusiastic Chess group at Golden Time. 

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Year 5's first visit from The Royal Northern College of Music

In Year 5, the children are lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform at the RNCM in their children's opera performance. Today, they worked with music students and staff from the RNCM to write their own music, create their own actions and lines. 


Come and watch our fabulous show on…

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Jodrell Bank trip

Year 5 visited Jodrell Bank last week to learn more about our Solar System. We took part in a space experiments workshop and visited the indoor, inflatable planetarium. It was out of this world! 


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Science Week: Investigating Air Resistance with Year 6 & Year 1

Following this year's theme of 'Journeys', Years 5 and 6 were given the challenge of making a paper plane that would stay in the air for the longest possible time. They used their knowledge of air resistance to help them design, make and test their planes. 

They visited Year 1 to talk about how…

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Observational Drawing

Today, the children really impressed me with their concentration and attention to detail, whilst carefully observing some lilies we had used to investigate the parts of a flowering plant.


We have been learning about life cycles of some different animals and plants in science. The children…

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Forces in Action at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We had a brilliant day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to experience the effects of the forces we have been learning about in our topic Scream Machine. 

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Forces Fun at St. Peter's High School

Check us out in our white lab coats, investigating forces. We visited the Science Department at St Peter’s High School and the teachers there taught us lots about forces. We had loads of fun!

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