Science Week: Investigating Air Resistance with Year 6 & Year 1

Following this year's theme of 'Journeys', Years 5 and 6 were given the challenge of making a paper plane that would stay in the air for the longest possible time. They used their knowledge of air resistance to help them design, make and test their planes. 

They visited Year 1 to talk about how…

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Observational Drawing

Today, the children really impressed me with their concentration and attention to detail, whilst carefully observing some lilies we had used to investigate the parts of a flowering plant.


We have been learning about life cycles of some different animals and plants in science. The children…

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Forces in Action at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We had a brilliant day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to experience the effects of the forces we have been learning about in our topic Scream Machine. 

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Forces Fun at St. Peter's High School

Check us out in our white lab coats, investigating forces. We visited the Science Department at St Peter’s High School and the teachers there taught us lots about forces. We had loads of fun!

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Rollercoaster designers


Year 5 had a very creative afternoon designing rollercoasters. Their task was to design a rollercoaster that would make a marble loop the loop. Some groups aimed to get two loop the loops into their designs. They worked brilliantly as teams and showed real resiliance.

Next stop-…

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