Called to Serve

In our final topic, we have been looking at inspirational people who have served God. We looked at the life and work of three incredible women: Pauline Jaricot, Sr. Joan O'Callaghan, Annalena Tonelli. We generated questions to find out more about wha these women did to serve God and then…

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A passionate address!

For our final writing project this year, we wrote some passionate speeches! First we looked at Greta Thunberg's speeches on climate change and then adapted the style to write our own speeches on something we felt was important to us. The topics ranged from racism and smoking to animal rights and…

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Year 6 Science

As part of our Frozen Kingdom topic, we have taken a closer look at the animal food chains and their adaptations to allow them to survive in such extreme environments. 



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Science classification

We have had a great whole school STEM project and used lots of wonderful books to inspire our learning. In Year 6, we have been learning about classification and used Mad about Monkeys by Owen Davey.

We started by looking at how we might categorise various monkeys. Some decided on the habitat…

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Year 6 Zooming !

Year 6 embraced new ways of communicating this afternoon when they took part in a Zoom meeting  with Mrs Illidge from St Peters and all the other link Primaries.We usually have a jam packed program of transition to St Peter's with many visits  while in Y5 and 6. This will obviously be a little…

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Year 6 - Black History - Inspirational figures

As part of our work on Black History, Year 6 looked at the inspirational stories of Jesse Owens and Sir William Arthur Lewis. The children then researched and presented their findings to the rest of the class. We then took to clay modelling, where the children used an inspirational historical…

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Black History Poetry Workshop

Year 6 were very lucky to be selected to join Manchester poet and rapper Donavan Christopher for an online poetry filled session to celebrate National Poetry Day and to launch Black History Month.

The session included a reading of the poem The Undefeated  by Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson,…

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Worry dolls

Some children around school are creating their own worry dolls using pipe cleaners, thread and some stitching. According to legend, Guatemalan children would tell their worries to worry dolls and place them under their pillows at night so that when morning came, their worries would be…

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The Scream by Edvard Munch

This week we have focused on allowing the children to express themselves and their feelings in a variety of ways. 

With the Year 6 children, we studied 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch and discussed how the artist may have been feeling when he painted this piece and how he expressed his inner…

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Year 6 suggested websites

Here are some suggested websites.

We will add to this in the event of a closure

Discovery espresso  username: student 22118   Password: student 22118

Corbett Maths

Khan Academy Maths  - type into youtube with the area of maths you want eg. Khan academy adding…

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Safari Phil

Year 6 were visited by Safari Phil and his exotic range of pets! The children were able to see first hand some of the animals we have been learning about in our science lessons to do with classification. They could also see how animals are adapted to suit the environment that they live in. Some of…

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How do animals stay warm?

As part of our Frozen Kingdom topic, Year 6 investigated factors that help keep polar animals warm in extreme temperatures. We explored whether air or lard was most effective to simulate the downy feathers of birds and the blubber of many mammals. Year 6 concluded that blubber was the most…

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