Climbing at Manchester Climbing Centre

On Monday, some Year 6 pupils had the exciting opportunity to visit the Manchester Climbing Centre for a free lesson! Not only did the children ( and Mr Knapper and Miss Catahan) get a chance to experience traversing, bouldering and top rope climbing, they also had a question and answer session…

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Y6 Light Investigations

This week, Year 6 have been thinking of ways to show that light travels in straight lines. Last lesson we learnt about how our eyes see things. We observed what happens to our pupils when the light is switched on or off. Ask a Year 6 child why! 


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Investigating a Mexican/Mayan diet

In Year 6 we made some food using ingredients that the ancient Mayans used in their cooking (and Mexicans today). We selected the equipment needed and used utensils with care. We also. worked together to follow instructions on recipe cards.

Our great teamwork resulted in some very tasty dishes,…

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Basketball at St Peter's

Last Friday, Year 6 had the opportunity to have their PE lesson at St Peter's High School. They learnt a few new drills to practise back at school and it was great to be able to train in the National Basketball Centre.


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Fraction investigation

Year 6 have been working hard at their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. This task put that learning to the test with a great problem from the Nrich website. Have a look at the site for lots of ideas and activities that will really stretch your math's…

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Year 6's Ancient Greek Day Out

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day at Manchester City Art Gallery and Manchester Central Library participating in lots of interactive learning activities about Greek gods and myths. 


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Art and design with clay in Year 6

Year 6 designed and created Ancient Mayan deities (Gods) and Mayan structures, such as Chichen Itza, out of clay, which linked to their topic 'Hola Mexico!'


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Rules (Invitation to the Kingdom of God)

We dramatised our own scenarios and discussed these questions: 

What are rules? 

Why do they exist? 

How do they help us? 

Rather than emphasising rules and punishments, Jesus called his followers to a path of love and mercy. 



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Hola Mexico!

Year 6 had loads of fun enyoying Mr Knapper's Mexican dancing! We all joined in! Then, the children followed instructions and measured ingredients to make Latin limeade and Sangrita. Everyone loved the quesadillas. Some children made more at home! 


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Year 6 play rehearsals

The Year 6 play ‘The Sweeteasy’ is well underway and rehearsals are really taking shape - from the early days of reading the script in class to leaving the comfort of those two behind to act off-script in the assembly hall. The show, which takes influence from 1920s/30s America, is an…

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Year 6 Pettypool trip 2019

As always, the Year 6 residential to Pettypool was a fantastic few days away for children and teachers alike! The itinerary was jam-packed and the activities on offer this time ranged from climbing very high obstacles and jumping off them and zip-lining our way through trees to making stick men…

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Persuasive writing

After a debate on whether we should have school uniform or not, the children were tasked with writing persuasively on a topic of their choice. The outcomes have been excellent and it was great to see what the children felt strongly about. The issues ranged from health and the environment to ideas…

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