Insulating Materials - Polar Adaptations

Today we explored the insulating properties of materials which are used by polar animals to keep themselves warm in the harsh polar conditions. 

We measured the amount of time we were able to keep our hands in ice water, then we donned 2 rubber gloves on one of our hands, using a straw to…

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Exploring Volume

To begin our topic on volume, the children explored building various cubes and cuboids and using the language of length, width, depth and height. We also worked systematically to discover all possibilities for making a 24cm3 cuboid.

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Musical composition

Today we worked on our composition. Last week we used the notes Bb, F, G, Low C and High C to create our own melody for the 12 bar blues. Not happy with our class sound, the children used laptops to compose what they thought was the best sound! 

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Spanish Classroom Instructions

In Year 6 Spanish, we have been learning some simple classroom instructions, such as: Silencio, Repetid and Escuchad. 

We played 'Simon Dice' (Simon Says) to help us hear and understand the vocabulary.


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Eating the Mexican way!

Today the children cut, peeled, diced, boiled, measured and mixed ingredients to make a Mexican feast! We made salsa, guacamole, sweet potato and squash mash, corn tortillas and Mayan hot chocolate. Children were able to practise their cooking skills whilst learning about the types of food the…

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Mayan Maths

Not content with our own number system, today we looked at how the Mayan number system worked for them! We found that they used a vigesimal system using base 20, which is slightly different to our base 10 decimal system. We looked at the symbols they used to represent different numbers and then…

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Classroom Jazz

We embarked on our new topic in music this week - classroom jazz. This is based on the work of Burt Bacharach. The children had fun honing their skills on the glockenspiel. We are working on developing our improvisation skills and using musical terms to describe the music we hear. 

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Day of the dead

On Tuesday, it was the Mexican festival of 'Dia de los muertos' (The day of the dead). We have been learning about this as part of our Hola Mexico topic. We wrote a non-chronological report on the festival and made these simple 3D masks! Now to learn about the ancient Mayan…

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Petty Pool Residential Trip

Last month, Year 6 packed their enormous bags and waved goodbye to school before setting off for their three day trip to Petty Pool Outdoor Centre. A whole range of activities ensued such as: archery, den building, fire lighting, climbing, woodland walks and throwing themselves with varying…

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Mapping in Year 6

As a class, we have been looking at our knowledge of the world. We started by locating Mexico and neighbouring countries then moved onto lines of latitude, major cities and time zones. 

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RE The Kingdom of God

Last week, we started out first topic in RE 'The Kingdom of God'. We explored some big questions and wrote our suggestions on post it notes around the classroom. Then we had a discussion about our answers. 

'Behold, the Kingdom of God is in the midst of you.' - Luke…

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Called to Serve

In our final topic, we have been looking at inspirational people who have served God. We looked at the life and work of three incredible women: Pauline Jaricot, Sr. Joan O'Callaghan, Annalena Tonelli. We generated questions to find out more about wha these women did to serve God and then…

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