Painting in Year 5

Year 5 used painting techniques, such as, dots, scratches and splashes to create a Christmas scene from the point of view of someone outside, peering in through a window.




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Charcoal snowpeople

Year 5 have worked hard this term to experiment with line, tone and shading using charcoal. Today, They created snowpeople with Miss Santos (our resident artist) and had lots of fun doing it!


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One of Year 5's art objectives is to use batik (an art technique using hot wax orginating from Africa) to wax and tie dye fabric. The children's created their own Christmas scene to use on their cards/calendars. 


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Trojan horse

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 3 have been working on recreating the Trojan horse. We used our DT skills to design and make a jinx frame with wheel axels. Then we used a net to create the cube to hold the horse. After that we used the hot glue gun to strengthen the jinx frame. They turned out…

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Gathering and presenting data.

Year 4 became data experts - they thought of a question they wanted to find out, drew a table, gathered data from Year 4 and 5 and presented it beautifully on bar graphs!! 


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Climbing at Manchester Climbing Centre

On Monday, some Year 6 pupils had the exciting opportunity to visit the Manchester Climbing Centre for a free lesson! Not only did the children ( and Mr Knapper and Miss Catahan) get a chance to experience traversing, bouldering and top rope climbing, they also had a question and answer session…

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Constructing shapes

This week we have incorporated practical learning in our math lessons to help the children develop their shape knowledge and understanding. On Monday, the children used a variety of materials, such as multilink cubes, tooth picks and play dough, to construct cubes, cuboids, triangular-based…

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George the dog

As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic we are learning about how to look after animals. We interviewed Miss Ramsey and her dog George. We learnt about what he likes to eat, what tricks he can do, how often he needs walking and how old he is. 

We loved meeting George! Thank you Miss…

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The Digestive system!

We learnt what each organ in the digestive system did and taught the rest of the class so they could learn too.

If you want to know, check out our helpful video!! 


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Year 5 visit from Father Kevin

Father Kevin visited Year 5 this morning to share his experience of meeting Chris Lubbe, who was Nelson Mandela's bodyguard, as this links to our topic of Apartheid in South Africa He shared Chris Lubbe's life story with us, and then we discussed our opinions and feelings towards the events in…

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Which liquids damage our teeth most.

We've set up an experiment to test which liquids will damage our teeth the most. 

Will it be coke, water, milk, squash or apple juice??

keep checking the blog to see what happens to the eggs.

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Manchester United Champions

On Wednesday 4th December our fantastic Year 1 football team took part in the Year 1 Manchester United competition and came 1st Place! They were an absolute credit to the school and worked very hard to achieve their title. 

Each child brought their own strengths and skills to the team and…

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