Rollercoaster designers


Year 5 had a very creative afternoon designing rollercoasters. Their task was to design a rollercoaster that would make a marble loop the loop. Some groups aimed to get two loop the loops into their designs. They worked brilliantly as teams and showed real resiliance.

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Times Tables Rock Stars

Our Champion this week is Ellee in Year 5. She has improved her time this week and is now a Rock Legend! Who will it be next week?

Remember, you have to complete 10 Studio games in order to appear on the Leaderboard.

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Mental Wellbeing

Look at the lovely new books that are in the library - all there to support childrens' wellbeing.

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BBC Newsround report

St Francis in the News!

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Slam Jam 2019!

The Basketball UK team came to school to launch Slam Jam - a scheme aimed at increasing the number of people playing basketball. We were delighted as it is one of our favourite sports.

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Pandora’s Box

Year 3 worked together beautifully to create this performance of a poem called Pandora’s Box by Paul Perro.

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World War 1

Year 4 used drama to commemorate 100 years since WW1 ended. In small groups, they created their own version of Chapel Street, Altrincham, ‘The bravest little street in Britain’, as 161 men signed up from this one street when the war began. Each group were given a name of a soldier from the…

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Year 4 have been inspired by the Manchester Bees and have learnt all about how important and interesting bees are. They visited some of the bees that have landed at Manchester City on a very rainy day. We are not sure how Mr Lowe ended up with an umbrella!


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