Iron Age Jewellery

We looked at Iron Age jewellery and how they were designed. We explored different patterns they used and a variety of jewellery they wore such as the torc. We designed our own jewellery on paper first to gather ideas. We used modelling clay to create our jewellery and used different equipment…

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Printing Coastal Features

In topic, we have been looking at human and physical features of a coastline. Today, we recapped these and used printing to create a coastal picture. We first designed a stamp on a piece of card, and then we used a glue gun to make them '3D'. Next, we used watercolor to make a background of sand,…

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Brazil carnival costumes

Our new topic is about Rio. We looked at the big carnival they have in Rio every year and learnt about how they make their amazing costumes for the parade. We had a go at making our own headdresses and tried to create some patterns on them using feathers and glitter. We can't wait to wear…

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Observational Sketches of Shells

Today we had to do some observational sketches of shells. We started by learning some key skills for observational sketches, which included things like looking very closely at the object you’re drawing and thinking about it’s texture. We then looked at skills for sketching and watched an artist…

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Junk Modelling

After a busy SATs week, we had a fun afternoon doing some junk modelling. We were given lots of different recyclable materials and we had to design and create a model. We had to think carefully about our design and what the thing we were making would be used for. We had some great ideas, such as a…

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The Ascension

This week in RE, we were learning about the ascension. We learned that this was the moment when Jesus went back up to heaven after he had risen from the dead. We acted out what we thought the disciples would have looked like when they saw this happening, we had some great expressions! Then we did…

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The Little Red Hen

We have been exploring signs of spring and reading the Little Red Hen. We really enjoyed making our own bread and acting out the story. We also enjoyed experimenting with different resources to create our own spring art work. 

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The Tiny Seed

We have been learning about caring for things in our environment. We have been:

-Pretending to be seeds and following the plant life cycle.

-Measuring plants.

-Making our own plant pots and planting our own seeds.

-Writing about the life cycle of a plant.

Investigating seeds.

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The Great Fire of London

We learnt about The Great Fire of London in our history lesson and decided to create some artwork based on it. We used pastels to create the fire. We practised creating different tones and smudging. We then used black paper to cut and stick shapes to make the outlines of the houses.

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Jesus Rises from the Dead

This week in RE, we have been learning about when Jesus rose from the dead. We listened to the story of when Mary of Magdala went to Jesus' tomb, only to find that is was empty. Then, Jesus appeared to her and the news spread that he was alive. We spoke about the importance of Jesus' resurrection…

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Our Trip to the Lowry

As part of our topic this half term, we have been learning about people who are significant to our local area. We learned about LS Lowry and looked at some of his work. Today, we had the chance to go to the Lowry art gallery in Manchester and see some of his artwork for ourselves. We had fun…

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Printing fruit

In our Topic lesson, we studied pictures painted by Van Gogh and discussed the variety of colours, shades and moods the paintings included. We used Van Gogh's influence to print fruit. We used polystyrene sheets to carve in our fruit drawings, then we used rollers to cover our carvings with…

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