Famous Landmarks

Today we had some great fun creating famous landmarks! Each of our tables are named after a City, we have Beijing, Rio, London, Rome and New York. First, we spoke about these cities, which country they were in and where they were in the world- some of us had even visited these cities before!…

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Learning about Fossils

Today in science we were learning about fossils. We looked at the process of fossilisation, and how fossils only form in sedimentary rocks. We then used clay and plaster to create our very own fossils. We had to press an animal into some clay, and then cover it up with plaster. This…

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Building Bridges

We have been learning all about rivers and mountains in our current topic. We spent some time studying the structures of bridges, in particular when they use beams for support, we used this information to create our own bridges.

There were a number of steps:

1. look at different cross…

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Designing Hillforts!


Today we started learning about life in the Iron Age! We learned that people started living in hillforts, which were like small towns, to protect themselves from being attacked by enemy tribes! We knew that hillforts had to be well designed to help prevent an attack and also sustain the…

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Seed dispersal

We had such fun in science this week!  We learnt all about seed dispersal as part of our topic on plants; we found out that seeds can be dispersed by floating on water, be blown by the wind, stick to animals and humans, explode and be eaten and then pooed out by animals and humans too. Mrs Nadin…

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Saul becomes Paul

Today in RE, we were learning about the story of Saul. Saul was a man who hated Christians, he wasn't very kind to them and made bad choices. After being blinded by a bright light, Saul was cured and found God. God had changed his heart and Saul started to spread the word of God and was kind.…

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Welcome to the Bronze Age!

Today in Topic, we moved into the Bronze Age! We learned about how bronze started to replace stone, to make things such as weapons, as it was much stronger! We discovered that bronze is made from mixing copper and tin, and the process they used to do this was called 'smelting'. We then had a…

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This week in topic, we have been looking at Stonehenge. We went on a 'virtual visit' of Stonehenge and then learned all about it, looking at theories as to what it was used for or why it was built. We then discussed the layout of the stones and why they may be arranged in this way. It was our…

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Bows and Arrows!

Today, we had another experience day in English. We were looking at jobs that stone age people had to do, and we were all very interested in how they had to make weapons in order to protect themselves and catch their food! We had a go at making our own bow and arrows using bamboo and string.…

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Life in the Stone Age!

gallery-slideshow:Life in the Stone Age}

This half term, we will be looking at "The Stone Age Boy" book in our English lessons. Today was an experience day where we were able to try some of the things that people would have done in the stone age! We had a go at some fishing, weaving, sewing,…

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Year 1's topic was all about taxis. We learnt what a taxi is and the key parts (wheels, axles and chassis). Year 1 investigated existing products that did and did not have wheels and taxis from around the world to look at the similarities and differences. Then we learnt how to attach wheels to an…

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Easter art and design project

Behind the scenes of the hard work and creativity of Year 3 working on their Easter project of recreating the Last Supper. 

The children made salt dough to create the plates of food, used clay to make the disciples and Jesus and built the table out of wood and materials. They had so much fun…

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