The Little Red Hen

We have been exploring signs of spring and reading the Little Red Hen. We really enjoyed making our own bread and acting out the story. We also enjoyed experimenting with different resources to create our own spring art work. 

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Pizza making

Following our non-fiction English unit based on Sicily, the children enjoyed an experience day where they made their own pizza! It was delicious! 

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Making smoothies


In our Topic lesson this week, we made our smoothies that we had designed the previous lesson. We chopped up our fruit and blended them ourselves. We tasted our own and evaluated it including appearance, texture and taste. We then tasted each others and evaluated them. 

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Tasting smoothies

Today in our Topic lesson, we were tasting smoothies and evaluating them. We did this to help us understand what fruits work well together and we designed our own smoothies. We are making them for sailors to prevent them from getting scurvy as this is what we have been learning about. Next…

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We loved exploring the book 'Supertato!'. We made our own supertato using different materials. On the country road, we made an obstacle course to help the veggies escape the evil pea! This was a fun activity that helped us develop our movement, balancing and jumping skills. 

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Moving toy mid-point evaluation

After making their prototypes last week, the children took time to reflect on what the strengths and weaknesses were for their design. This included the way that they approached the construction process. Some children needed to make their structure larger, smaller or more stable: others needed to…

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Creating prototypes

Today the children took their first steps into creating their moving toy mechanism. They were given various materials to use and had to work out how best to construct their toy. The lesson helped the children see what went well with their approach and possibly more importantly - what didn't - for…

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The Highway Rat

We have been reading, The Highway Rat. We made our own pretend bonfire to celebrate the highway rat giving us all the food back. We sang songs around the fire and drank hot chocolate! What a great celebration!

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Product design

After speaking to Year 1, the children then set about designing their moving toy- taking into account the information found in their research.

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Market research!

Today, the Year 6 children paid a visit to Year 1 to carry out some product research. The children devised which questions to ask and then conducted their research in order to help design their moving toy. 

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Cam Mechanisms

Continuing our Frozen Kingdom topic, the children have been tasked with designing a moving toy for younger children with a polar theme. For this lesson, we looked at cams and how they are used as part of a mechanism to create certain movements in objects. Now with a basic understanding of how cams…

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The Gingerbread Man


We have had a fantastic week exploring this wonderful traditional tale. Here are some of the play and learning experiences we have taken part in:

  • Baking and decorating our own gingerbread men.
  • A tour around the…
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