Embedded Clause

In English we were looking at embedded clauses. We played a game where we had to role a dice to choose a sentence from the ‘main clause’ column and another sentence from the ‘embedded clause’ column, then we had to write the sentence correctly in our books. We ended up with some really funny…

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Super Speech

We are practicing speech in Year 4. We use a speech sandwich to help us remember - Bread ("), butter (words spoken), ham (punctuation), bread ("). Today we  constructed speech sentences making sure we had EVERYTHING we need!


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Storm music

For our English experience day, we created our own storm using a variety of instruments. Some children took on the role of different animals to try to imagine how they might feel in the midst of a storm. 



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Storm Orchestra

We loved our second experience day for our book Float! In our story, the boy heads out to float his boat but then a storm comes. We wanted to gather powerful verbs, adjectives and onomatopoeia vocabulary so we watched videos of storms, watching and listening as clouds rolled in, thunder rumbled,…

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The Crow's Tale experience day

In Year 3, we launched the start of our new book 'The Crow's Tale' by sorting out woodland animals, creating descriptive word banks and making our own representations of woodland animals using natural materials.

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Today we were introduced to our book for our next English topic through a super fun experience day! We will be reading a beautiful picture book called Float by Daniel Miyares.

All we know so far is it is about a boy who goes on an adventure with an oragami boat.

Today we followed…

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Amazing writing!

Miss Collins has been blown away by our recent writing based on the short film Feast.

It is our first big piece of writing in Year 4 after such a long time not in school and we have worked super hard. We are working on a new skill of editing at the moment which can be quite tricky. We are so…

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Year 2 planning a story

We have just introduced a new approach to writing through school. It is called The Wtite Stuff and we were very luck to have three weeks of our writing lessons led by Mrs C - the clever lady who created it. We planned our own stories linked to a short film called Feast about a stray dog who gets…

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Black History Poetry Workshop

Year 6 were very lucky to be selected to join Manchester poet and rapper Donavan Christopher for an online poetry filled session to celebrate National Poetry Day and to launch Black History Month.

The session included a reading of the poem The Undefeated  by Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson,…

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Guest Blogger - Mimi

Mimi is a prolific reader and loves a wide range of books. She has recently started to enjoy magical books and loved the Wizards of Once books by Cressida Cowell. She most recently read A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison and wrote a book review .Here it is!

'There are three Widdershin…

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Instruction time!

We have been reading The Incredible Book eating Boy in English and in science we have been learning all about the digestive system. Tomorrow we will be writing a set of instructions but first we had to make our sandwiches. It wasn't as easy as it sounds though, we had to learn about imperative…

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Reception Stay and Play Phonics

We had our first 'Stay and Play' session of the year in Reception. The focus was on developing early reading and writing through teaching phonics skills. Parents, teachers and children enjoyed learning about phonics and playing lots of fun games together. 


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