Our Library Visit

In our weekly visit to the library, we explored new books that had arrived. We spent some time reading and then we read a chapter out of a new book that had arrived from our author of the month- Marcus Rashford, who we are a big fan of! The book was called 'Breakfast Club' and after reading…

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Exploring holiday brochures

To help us with our English work on creating a holiday leaflet for Skara Brae, we explored a range of holiday brochures and leaflets. We identified the persuasive language used in each brochure and highlighted key features we have been focusing on. 

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Villagers of Skara Brae

In English, we watched videos of the Mesolithic period and the Neolithic period of the Stone Age. We discussed the differences between the periods and how they had developed. In groups, we acted out different activities they would have carried out such as hunting, building a home and battling…

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Matching Shapes


To challenge ourselves in English, we were all given a cut out version of our holiday brochure. With the information we had already learnt about our shapes, we tried to match the section with the correct shape, thinking about the language used in each section to give us clues. This really…

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Finding shapes in English

In English, we have started a new topic focusing on a holiday brochure. To help us understand the structure of a holiday brochure, we use 'shapes' which fit like a jigsaw puzzle. In this lesson we analysed a holiday brochure and identified the 'shapes' that were included in the brochure as…

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We want to make a change!

We have been writing a persuasive letter about child labour in our English unit. This week, we spent time researching a topic of our choice that we are passionate about. This included child poverty, mental health, environment issues and effects of online games. We researched the key impact of…

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Pirate Pete Performance Poetry

This week we have been looking at all kinds of poetry linked to our topic, coastlines. Today, we had a go at performance poetry. We learned about how to perform our poems effectively, we had to think about the tone of our voice, the tempo we read, how we will stand, and the actions we will do.…

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Year 3 author zoom

As part of National share a story month, Year 3 were lucky to have an an online zoom session with the author Rashmi Sirdeshpande.  Rashmi zoomed into the classroom from her writing office at home surrounded by books she has written or loves to read!  She spoke to us about what it means to be a…

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The Little Red Hen

We have been exploring signs of spring and reading the Little Red Hen. We really enjoyed making our own bread and acting out the story. We also enjoyed experimenting with different resources to create our own spring art work. 

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The Tiny Seed

We have been learning about caring for things in our environment. We have been:

-Pretending to be seeds and following the plant life cycle.

-Measuring plants.

-Making our own plant pots and planting our own seeds.

-Writing about the life cycle of a plant.

Investigating seeds.

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Reading and Book Reviews

When we came in, we all had a book in our place. We had to read the book quietly and then complete a book review. It was a lovely, calming way to start the morning, and we all got some good recommendations of books we may like to read!

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Finishing Our Persuasive Letters and Proof Reading

Today, we finished off writing our persuasive letters in the style of "The Day the Crayons Quit'. Once we had finished our writing and checked our own work, we switched partners and shared our work. We took it in turns to read our work aloud. This helped us to notice any mistakes we had made and…

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