Reception Outdoor Phonics and Maths

Our reception children have been showing everyone how fun Phonics and Maths can be! They have enjoyed thinking of their own games linked to our current learning objectives, in their own free play time. This has included: tricky word hunt and sorting the tricky words; using the outdoor number line…

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Understanding Instructions

To begin our new non-fiction writing unit on instructions, today we looked at a detailed set of instructions and discussed which part of the success criteria they would be linked to: the hook, steps, tips/warnings and a list of what you will need. We then cut up, mixed up and attempted to re-order…

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Reading Dens

We have been using Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rolland and Ben Mantel in our writing. It's all about the magic of books and Reading. We talked all about all the wonderful places where we like to read and what we got from books. Then we built ourselves some cosy reading dens in the classroom.…

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Look at Year 1 enjoying reading their new books in the reading garden. 

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Reception Phonics and Maths

This half term, Reception have been using their phonic skills to write words and sentences. The children have been using the clipboards in their play to write shopping lists, design buildings and create their own recipes in the messy play area. Reception children have also been working on their…

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Exploring Sicily

Today we were introduced to our new English unit which is a holiday brochure all about Sicily. 

During our experience day, we researched different things about Sicily - food, activities, weather and sights.

We shared what we found out with the class and will use this information to help make…

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Embedded Clause

In English we were looking at embedded clauses. We played a game where we had to role a dice to choose a sentence from the ‘main clause’ column and another sentence from the ‘embedded clause’ column, then we had to write the sentence correctly in our books. We ended up with some really funny…

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Super Speech

We are practicing speech in Year 4. We use a speech sandwich to help us remember - Bread ("), butter (words spoken), ham (punctuation), bread ("). Today we  constructed speech sentences making sure we had EVERYTHING we need!


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Storm music

For our English experience day, we created our own storm using a variety of instruments. Some children took on the role of different animals to try to imagine how they might feel in the midst of a storm. 



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Storm Orchestra

We loved our second experience day for our book Float! In our story, the boy heads out to float his boat but then a storm comes. We wanted to gather powerful verbs, adjectives and onomatopoeia vocabulary so we watched videos of storms, watching and listening as clouds rolled in, thunder rumbled,…

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The Crow's Tale experience day

In Year 3, we launched the start of our new book 'The Crow's Tale' by sorting out woodland animals, creating descriptive word banks and making our own representations of woodland animals using natural materials.

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Today we were introduced to our book for our next English topic through a super fun experience day! We will be reading a beautiful picture book called Float by Daniel Miyares.

All we know so far is it is about a boy who goes on an adventure with an oragami boat.

Today we followed…

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