Roman Soldiers

We had the best time learning all about Roman Soldiers - we watched videos and read stories that helped us become experts about them; learning all about their equipment, the structure of the army, why they were so successful, why men wanted to be in the army and what benefits they got. We also…

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Roman Invasion

Today Year 4 were introduced to our topic called I am Warrior which is all about the Roman Empire!

We spent time looking at the chronology of the Roman Empire, organising ourselves into a timeline and we saw how it spread and conquered many countries.

We then found out all about how the…

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Year 5 Black History

In year 5 we looked at protests through the years and how it has been used to enact change in the world. We looked at protest figures such as Colin Kaepernick and Claudia Jones and debated whether or not we agreed with their methods.


To finish our learning, we held our own protest march…

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Black History Week

During the last week of autumn 1 Year 1 learnt some interesting things about some important people from Bakck History. We found out some amazing facts about Sir Trevor McDonald and Serena Williams. Did you know Serena Williams has won 357 tennis matches?!

We even got to interview each…

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Edward Enninful

As part of Black History Month, we learnt all about Edward Enninful. It was important for us as it made us realise that History doesn't have to be really far in the past, and recent history also impacts us today. Edward is amazing because he was the first black man to become Editor-in-Chief of…

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Exploring our heritage!

We have been having a wonderful time during our Identity and Diversity week. We spent time thinking about what the word 'Heritage' means and exploring our different heritages. We found out some of us moved to Manchester from different countries, some of us were born in Manchester, some of us moved…

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Save the rainforests!

As part of STEM week we learnt all about the devastating effects of deforestation.

We used art skills such as layering and overlapping through collaging as well as smudging with charcoal to create art. We hope they powerfully show the impact deforestation has on rainforests, animals and our…

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We had a Visit from professor Santos who is an expert at mummification. She mummified Mr Lowe, she even took out his intestines and his brain using special instruments

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USA Landmarks - final pieces

Here are our final pieces!! We are so proud of them. Can you recognise anywhere? We've got Mount Rushmore, The Golden Gate Bridge, the White House, Yellowstone National Park, Niagra Falls, Hoover Dam, The Statue of Liberty, Route 66, The Grand Canyon, The Empire State Building and the Hollywood…

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Iroquois Tribe

We had a great afternoon learning all about the Iroquois Tribe as part of our Road Trip USA topic. We spent time listening to some traditional Native American music. We thought about the meanings behind them, what we liked and what we didn't like. We also compared it to modern music today. We then…

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Royal Tea Party

In Year 1 we are starting a new topic called Bright Lights, Big City where we will be learning all about London. We began our topic by learning all about our Queen and having a royal tea party. At royal tea parties you have to dress smartly so we came in our best outfits!  We had a special visit…

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Trojan horse

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 3 have been working on recreating the Trojan horse. We used our DT skills to design and make a jinx frame with wheel axels. Then we used a net to create the cube to hold the horse. After that we used the hot glue gun to strengthen the jinx frame. They turned out…

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