Iroquois Tribe

We had a great afternoon learning all about the Iroquois Tribe as part of our Road Trip USA topic. We spent time listening to some traditional Native American music. We thought about the meanings behind them, what we liked and what we didn't like. We also compared it to modern music today. We then…

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Royal Tea Party

In Year 1 we are starting a new topic called Bright Lights, Big City where we will be learning all about London. We began our topic by learning all about our Queen and having a royal tea party. At royal tea parties you have to dress smartly so we came in our best outfits!  We had a special visit…

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Trojan horse

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 3 have been working on recreating the Trojan horse. We used our DT skills to design and make a jinx frame with wheel axels. Then we used a net to create the cube to hold the horse. After that we used the hot glue gun to strengthen the jinx frame. They turned out…

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Year 5 visit from Father Kevin

Father Kevin visited Year 5 this morning to share his experience of meeting Chris Lubbe, who was Nelson Mandela's bodyguard, as this links to our topic of Apartheid in South Africa He shared Chris Lubbe's life story with us, and then we discussed our opinions and feelings towards the events in…

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Investigating a Mexican/Mayan diet

In Year 6 we made some food using ingredients that the ancient Mayans used in their cooking (and Mexicans today). We selected the equipment needed and used utensils with care. We also. worked together to follow instructions on recipe cards.

Our great teamwork resulted in some very tasty dishes,…

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Dunham Massey Trip

Year 1 went on a very exciting trip to Dunham Massey as part of our Enchanted Woodland topic.  Despite the extremely cold weather, we all had a fantastic time! We took part in a range of activities exploring more of the woodland and autumn season. We enjoyed: pond dipping, look at animal habitats,…

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Year 6's Ancient Greek Day Out

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day at Manchester City Art Gallery and Manchester Central Library participating in lots of interactive learning activities about Greek gods and myths. 


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Castle Designers

Year Two visited Skipton Castle and looked at other castles in the U.K. They then put their designer hats on and created their own castles using DT skills of cutting, measuring and using tools safely. They had to think about how to make their castle defences very strong. There were some very…

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Art Gallery Visit

We had a fantastic time visiting the central library and Manchester Art Gallery to take part in some history and art workshops about the Greeks. 

We were lucky enough to learn about different Greek gods and goddesses and creat our own modern day god, we made top trump cards for different gods,…

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Making Roman pots from clay

Year 4 spent the afternoon sketching their design and then creating their own Roman pot from clay. What concentration and skills being shown. 


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We have been reading the book 'Escape Pompeii' and have loved learning all about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, writing stories and researching facts to write non-chronological reports. As one of our final activities, we had to create our own sketch about the eruption. We had to write the script,…

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Year 2 Skipton Castle Trip

On the 18th of September Year 2 were very excited about going to Skipton Castle. It was the perfect day to visit this fantastic medieval castle. The highlights were the Guardrobe or Long Drop and the dungeon where prisoners would be kept for up to 13 weeks, before going to York. There were also…

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