Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Early Years!

We enjoyed taking part in lots of Chinese New Year play and learning experiences! We made chinese lanterns, learned a song and dance, opened up our own chinese restaurant and tried lots of yummy new foods. 

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What can we remember?

After learning so much information yesterday with our visitor, we spent time presenting that information and chatting about everything we learnt. 

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Vikings invade St Francis!

Beware!! Vikings have invaded St Francis!! 

We have had the most incredible day moving on in our timeline of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Today we learnt all about the Vikings way of life, religions, clothes, tools and much more. Before we look at their raids and subsequent settling in England, we…

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Where is our food from?


Today in our Topic lesson, we researched a variety of foods and the climates they need to grow. We then looked up countries and their climates. We used all of our research to predict where each food was from, using our knowledge of the necessary climates. 

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Human and Physical Geography

Building on our knowledge of physical and human features from out last topic, the children have been researching these features in relation to the Arctic  and Antarctic. We have compared areas such as: wildlife, topography, climate and vegetation. It has been interesting to see the similarities…

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Sketching Buildings in Our Local Area

We explored our local area some more today in Topic, by looking at the buildings around us. First, we looked at some different artists' work, who had created art of urban areas. We looked carefully at these pieces and in our groups discussed what the artist might have been able to see around them,…

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Map reading

This term our topic is Frozen Kingdom. This week, we looked at how to read a map as the early polar explorers would have had to do. We looked at signs, symbols and even six-figure grid references to locate various positions on a map! We found that it linked nicely to our maths this week as our…

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Anglo-Saxon non-chronological reports

Following our super research on Anglo-Saxons, we wrote some amazing non-chronological reports about the Anglo-Saxons and their way of life. 

We had to present our information to help others learn. 

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Works of art!


Today in our Topic lesson,  we explored drawings by the artist Frida Kahlo. We discussed what we liked about the art, what we noticed about the drawings and discussed the shading used. We used pencils and charcoal to draw fruit on our tables using skills such as shading and…

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Local fieldwork

Year 4 ventured out into our local area to add symbols and detail to an OS map in preparation for our trip to Castleton next week, where we will compare rural and urban areas. 

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AD 600 - Anglo-Saxons the settlers

Today we moved further on our timeline to explore Anglo Saxons as settlers. We were focusing on the skills of: devising and responding to historical questions, use some documents, pictures, internet and photographs to find out about the Anglo-Saxons. We looked and learnt about Sutton Hoo. We were…

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Houses Then and Now

As part of our topic, we have been looking at the history of our local area. We used google maps to have a little 'virtual tour' of Gorton, and one thing we noticed was the difference between all of the houses. We have lots of older houses as well as some new build houses. We discussed the…

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