Gathering Data for Bar Charts

This week in Maths we are looking at Statistics and learning how to interpret different charts and graphs. Our first few lessons consisted of us making a bar chart of our own. We first had to gather the data. We chose a topic, such as favourite food, colour, subject, or animal, and then went…

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Times Tables

This week in maths we were developing our times' tables skills further. We were given a number and had to work out as many times table and division facts as we could. We used cubes to help us work out how many equal groups we could make. We quickly remembered the link between our times' tables and…

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Recapping Time

This week in Maths we are revisiting time! We have learned how to tell the time, and made these clocks to help us remember. These clocks were excellent for us to use throughout the week to help us remember how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We have all made amazing progress and lots of…

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To build on our knowledge of Place Value, we played a game of dominos using numbers and words. Firstly, we tried to match the correct domino number to the word. Next, we worked in groups of four and competed against each other to see who could match the most dominos together…

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Place Value

In Maths, we have started to consolidate our knowledge on Place Value from the beginning of the year. To test our knowledge, we played a Place Value game in pairs, selecting different numbers and answering questions about the number for example how many tens we had in our number. 

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In maths, we played a giant game of battleships to help us to understand co-ordinates. 

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Position and Direction

This week in maths, we are looking at position and direction. We have recapped the terms quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn and full turn, and clockwise and anti-clockwise. In today's lesson, we used a character to help us work out some questions relating to position and direction. For…

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30 days has September, April, June and November...

In Maths, we have started learning about the months of the year. We learnt how many days there are in a year and what a leap year is. We played a game with some calendars to find out about the months of the year and how the days change every year, answering different questions to test our…

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Rounding decimals

Today we played 2 games to consolidate our understanding of rounding decimals. The first was to pick a card and follow the instruction eg. round to the nearest tenth. We then had to decide whether you round it up or down and throw it into the correct bucket.  The second game was rounding bingo, we…

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The Tiny Seed

We have been learning about caring for things in our environment. We have been:

-Pretending to be seeds and following the plant life cycle.

-Measuring plants.

-Making our own plant pots and planting our own seeds.

-Writing about the life cycle of a plant.

Investigating seeds.

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Measuring Temperature

This week, we are learning about temperature and capacity. We learned that temperature is measured in degrees, boiling temperature is 100 degrees celsius, and the freezing point is 0 degrees Celcius. We then had to play a game where we had to read temperatures on a thermometre, it was so annoying…

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Ordering numbers beyond 1000

We wrote our own 4-digit numbers on cards and then ordered ourselves from smallest to largest (using non-verbal communication only). 

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