Music lessons - glockenspiels

In Year 3, we are very lucky as half of the class have African drumming lessons and the other half have music lessons in class, and this half term we have been learning to play the glockenspiel and listening to the beat of the music to understand how the song fits…

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Music and ICT

For our music lesson, we used the glockenspiel app on the iPads to follow the beat of the music and create a group song in two parts using the note E. 

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Storm music

For our English experience day, we created our own storm using a variety of instruments. Some children took on the role of different animals to try to imagine how they might feel in the midst of a storm. 



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Pipes for different pitches.

After we had learnt what types of instruments produced different pitches, we created our own pipes using straws. We had to cut them different lengths to ensure the pitch was different to our partners. 


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Iroquois Tribe

We had a great afternoon learning all about the Iroquois Tribe as part of our Road Trip USA topic. We spent time listening to some traditional Native American music. We thought about the meanings behind them, what we liked and what we didn't like. We also compared it to modern music today. We then…

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'The House of Sweets' Childrens' Opera at the RNCM

What a fantastic night! The children performed on stage at the RNCM and what a performance it was! Every child's line could be heard clearly, the songs were all performed amazingly and every action was timed to perfection.


Year 5, I am SO proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for…

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Behind the scenes at the RNCM

Backstage at the Royal Northern College of Music before our show, we enjoyed relaxing in our own dressing room and getting a taste for what life would be like as a famous actor/actress. To get into the zone, we sat quietly together and visualised ourselves on stage being loud, clear and…

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Year 5's first visit from The Royal Northern College of Music

In Year 5, the children are lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform at the RNCM in their children's opera performance. Today, they worked with music students and staff from the RNCM to write their own music, create their own actions and lines. 


Come and watch our fabulous show on…

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