Science classification

We have had a great whole school STEM project and used lots of wonderful books to inspire our learning. In Year 6, we have been learning about classification and used Mad about Monkeys by Owen Davey.

We started by looking at how we might categorise various monkeys. Some decided on the habitat…

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Save the rainforests!

As part of STEM week we learnt all about the devastating effects of deforestation.

We used art skills such as layering and overlapping through collaging as well as smudging with charcoal to create art. We hope they powerfully show the impact deforestation has on rainforests, animals and our…

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The Lorax

During STEM week, we have been reading the book The Lorax by Dr Suess. It's made us think a lot about the impact humans and their actions have on the world and environment. We spent time researching what causes and the impact of deforestation, sea dredging and coral bleaching. We used this…

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Safari Phil

Year 6 were visited by Safari Phil and his exotic range of pets! The children were able to see first hand some of the animals we have been learning about in our science lessons to do with classification. They could also see how animals are adapted to suit the environment that they live in. Some of…

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Amazing magnets!

This week Year 3 started their science topic Forces and Magnets. During this lesson the children had the challenge of connecting the magnets together.


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It's been another creative (and noisy!) day in Year 4. We have been busy making panflutes from plastic barrier pipes. We've had to use maths skills for measuring and DT skills for sawing. Not only that, but we've had to combine it with our knowledge of sound and what we discovered about pitch from…

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Pipes for different pitches.

After we had learnt what types of instruments produced different pitches, we created our own pipes using straws. We had to cut them different lengths to ensure the pitch was different to our partners. 


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Investigating Pitch

We're having so much fun discovering how the pitch of sound changes. We discovered that a high pitch (squeaky like a mouse)  is normally made when an instrument is smaller, shorter or thinner. If the instrument is bigger, longer or thicker it normally has a low (rumble like a lorry) pitch. 


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Science of sound

We had an excellent day when we had a Science of sound workshop. We learnt SO much about sound including; what sound waves are, how sound travels, what pitch is, what different types of objects make different sounds and so much more! We all got to take part and we learnt about some instruments we…

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Food Chains

In Year 4 we have created some fantastic food chains. We had to think about the meanings of the word predator, prey, consumer, scavenger and producer. We thought of examples for each of these in groups. Once done, we looked at food chains and how they show the transfer of energy from food to food.…

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Egg experiment results are in!!

Year 4 were very surprised to learn that the squash damaged the eggs the most not the coke! The shell of the squash egg completely decayed and broke away, leaving a black stained and squishy egg behind. The coke and apple juice stained our teeth a lot too. The best liquid for the egg was water…

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George the dog

As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic we are learning about how to look after animals. We interviewed Miss Ramsey and her dog George. We learnt about what he likes to eat, what tricks he can do, how often he needs walking and how old he is. 

We loved meeting George! Thank you Miss…

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