Classifying Materials

In our science lesson this week we have been looking at materials that we use in our everyday lives. We chose some amazing adjectives to describe them, such as; Rough, Smooth and Bendy. We then went on a hunt around the school to find some materials and place them into a category that describes…

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What's in the box?

In Science, we carried out an experiment to understand how light works. We used boxes with a whole cut into to to investigate if we could see the different objects inside of it, changing the amount of light entering the box. 

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Light hunt!

In Science, our Topic this half term is light. We discussed what light is and the difference between an object that reflects light and a light source. We went on a light hunt around the school looking for objects that reflect light and objects that are light sources. We shared our findings…

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Invertebrate hunt

In our science lessons, we have been classifying living things in a variety of ways. We went on an invertebrate hunt on our school field to compare the similarities and differences between insects we found. The children were very brave and eagerly held everything they found.

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Egg experiment

In Science, we learnt about tooth decay and how we can look after our teeth; preventing plaque. We decided to look at a variety of drinks and the effect they can have on our teeth. To test this we measured out each liquid and put an egg in a cup with it. We are going to wait 24 hours to see…

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Testing Parachutes

We learnt about air resistance and how this affects falling objects. In groups, we chose from a range of materials to create a parachute. The aim of this was to create a parachute which would create enough air resistance to slow our parachute down so our egg wouldn't break when it landed. Some…

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Sink or float?

Year 1 were sent a letter asking them to design some new boats. They needed to find which materials were best to make the boats from. The children tested different materials to see whether they floated or sunk. They them discussed which out of the materials which floated would be the best to make…

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Looking for growth!

We went down to the planting beds today to see how our seeds are getting on and if there were any signs of life.  We were so happy to spot some new shoots that were poking through the soil!  We gave the shoots a good water and will check on them regularly.


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Classifying living things

As part of our Science topic, we became leaf detectives and classified the different leaves on our field.

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Animal Life Cycles

In science we have been looking at the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds, we looked at the characteristics of the different animal groups too.  We worked in groups to order the different stages of the life cycles and looked at the differences between different animal groups…

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The Tiny Seed

We have been learning about caring for things in our environment. We have been:

-Pretending to be seeds and following the plant life cycle.

-Measuring plants.

-Making our own plant pots and planting our own seeds.

-Writing about the life cycle of a plant.

Investigating seeds.

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What do plants need to grow healthy and strong?

Last week we set up a plant experiment to test ideas as to what plants need to grow healthy and strong.  We planted cress seeds in eight plant pots to test our ideas; do plants need soil to grow? do plants need water to grow? do plants need a warm environment to grow? do plants need light to…

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