Living or non living?

Year two have been learning all about habitats in our science lessons. We explored our school grounds habitat to look for things that were living and non living. We used our knowledge of the life processes we learned in a previous lesson to help us decide which category our finds went in. We found…

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Investigating magnets

In Year 3 this half term, we have been busy investigating magnets. The children have conducted an experiment using a variety of magnets (bar, horseshoe, ball and lodestone) to discover which magnet has the strongest magnetic force. They then went on to explore whether magnetism was able to pass…

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Grouping Animals

In Science we are learning about Living things and their habitats.

We spent time thinking about the different ways we could group living things - thinking about their habitats, what type of animal they are, their covering (fur, scales, feathers etc), what they eat and many more.

We used Venn…

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Den building

In Science, we have been studying light and shadows. Last week, we thought about which materials would make the best den and discussed transparent, translucent and opaque materials that we could use. One group cleverly decided to use our class tables, turned on their sides, as they realised that…

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Eggsperimenting in Year 2!

Our Science topic this half term is Everyday materials and their uses.  We received a letter from some eggs who needed our help to escape from Gorton egg factory!  The only way to escape was from a high window which meant danger of smashing and not surviving.  We worked with a partner to design…

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St Francis Vets is open for business!

We turned our classroom into a vets practice!

We did lots of different activities like using coins to pay for pet toys and using lego to build a bed for our pets. Also, we took our pets to the vet surgery to give them a check up. Year 1 knew that we needed to do all of these tasks to make…

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Changing shadows

In our science lesson this week, we used torches as our light source to experiment with changes the shape of shadows. 


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Light and shadow

In our science lesson this week, we have been studying our shadows and how the position of the sun can change the size of our shadow. More investigation to follow.


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Seasonal changes

Today, Year 1 were looking closely at deciduous and evergreen trees and the changes in seasons. Our afternoon was full of leaf hunting, leaf collecting, dot painting and leaf printing. 

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Puppy Love!

On Monday, Year 1 had a very special guest. We got to meet Miss Saxon's dog, Mabel. This term, our topic is paws, claws and whiskers and Year 1 got to ask Miss Saxon some questions about how she keeps Mabel happy. We also looked at some of our other pets like Miss Saxon's horse and Miss Gardner's…

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Science classification

We have had a great whole school STEM project and used lots of wonderful books to inspire our learning. In Year 6, we have been learning about classification and used Mad about Monkeys by Owen Davey.

We started by looking at how we might categorise various monkeys. Some decided on the habitat…

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Save the rainforests!

As part of STEM week we learnt all about the devastating effects of deforestation.

We used art skills such as layering and overlapping through collaging as well as smudging with charcoal to create art. We hope they powerfully show the impact deforestation has on rainforests, animals and our…

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