Learning about Fossils

Today in science we were learning about fossils. We looked at the process of fossilisation, and how fossils only form in sedimentary rocks. We then used clay and plaster to create our very own fossils. We had to press an animal into some clay, and then cover it up with plaster. This…

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Update from Farmer Simon!

Our farmer, Simon, sent us an update about what he has been doing over the last few weeks on his farm in Orkney. We were amazed to see that whilst he had been out on his boat, he managed to see an orca in the water! Simon also sent us this amazing video which shows a diver exploring the caves…

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Seed dispersal

We had such fun in science this week!  We learnt all about seed dispersal as part of our topic on plants; we found out that seeds can be dispersed by floating on water, be blown by the wind, stick to animals and humans, explode and be eaten and then pooed out by animals and humans too. Mrs Nadin…

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What are the best conditions for growing beans?


In our science lessons, we're always behaving like scientists and asking questions that we want to find out the answers to.   We looked at different types of seeds and bulbs, we observed their colour, size and shape. Then Mrs Nadin showed us what the bulbs would grow into; we couldn't believe…

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Investigating Rocks!

Today was the start of our new unit of work in science and we were beginning to look at rocks. We found out there were 3 different types of natural rocks; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. Then we had to identify the different rocks based on their physical properties. Finally, we did some…

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Same but different!

In our science lessons, we've been learning about the different groups animals can be sorted into. We know animals can be sorted into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and insects.  We took our learning further by looking more closely at the groups to see what the features were in each…

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We had so much fun exploring sound waves in science today!

We found out that the bigger the vibration the louder the noise and that sound is produced by vibrations. We found this out when we put a tuning fork in water and it all splashed on our face because of the vibrations. We also saw it…

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Safari Phil and his critters!

Year 1 had some very exciting visitors to the classroom this week linked to our science unit on Animals including humans. Safari Phil brought some of his critters to meet us and we had a fantastic afternoon. We got to look at, touch and hold a variety of different animals including a blue tongued…

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Science of Sound

We had an amazing time with Sam from science of sound today! We spent the morning learning all about sound. We explored instruments and we learnt and were able to:

  • identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating
  • recognise that vibrations from sounds travel…
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Presenting Data

Today we had an afternoon of working scientifically. We had to take systematic and accurate measurements of how far we jumped, record these and present in a bar chart. We then used this information to draw conclusions and ask questions. 


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Water Cycle in action

We have loved seeing evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection take place in our mini water cycles! 


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Water Cycle

Our mini water cycles are up and ready to demonstrate the stages of the water cycle. We can't wait to see evaporation, condensation and precipitation happening before our eyes! 

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