Hooray for handwriting!

We have been working so hard in our handwriting lessons. Because we have missed out on being in school, some of our letter formation isn't correct so we've gone back to basics!  We're making sure our letters are the correct size and shape so that when we join, our writing is neat and we're able to…

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Hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Today, we had our final experience day as part of our writing unit on the book Float.  The main character, the little boy, has been out in the pouring rain, he's arrived home cold, wet and desperately sad because he's lost his treasured paper boat.  His dad makes him a hot chocolate to warm him up…

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Facing failure

In our English unit (One small Step) our main character is starting to face failure at school. Today, we tried to get into her shoes by exploring failure through an experience day. We discussed the different times we had faced failure and what had caused those. We realised somethings were out of…

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Float experience day

We had great fun on our experience day for our first year 4 writing unit on the book Float. The story starts with the main character, a little boy making a paper boat with his dad. So, we followed step by step instructions to make our own origami paper boats. We decorated them and took them…

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Paper boats

We started our new English writing unit this week based on the book Float and today was our first experience day. After looking at the front cover together, we followed instructions online to make our own origami paper boats. We decorated them and took them outside to float them in the puddle of…

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A Beastly visit

Year 5 and 6 were really lucky to have a visit from the fabulous Jack Meggitt Phillips, the author of  The Beast and the Bethany. This book is Jack's first book and he has just finished the final draft of the follow-up book - Revenge of the Beast. We are looking forward to getting our hands on a…

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Water Cycle experience day

We have begun our new writing unit where we will be writing an explanation text about the water cycle. 

Today we made our own water cycle in the classroom. We created salty sea water, warmed it up, watched as the water evaporated and cooled forming condensation (our clouds). We then saw the…

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Amazing writing!

Miss Collins has been blown away by our recent writing based on the short film Feast.

It is our first big piece of writing in Year 4 after such a long time not in school and we have worked super hard. We are working on a new skill of editing at the moment which can be quite tricky. We are so…

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Year 2 planning a story

We have just introduced a new approach to writing through school. It is called The Wtite Stuff and we were very luck to have three weeks of our writing lessons led by Mrs C - the clever lady who created it. We planned our own stories linked to a short film called Feast about a stray dog who gets…

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