Great Towers

As part of our topic, we are looking at great towers from around the world. We thought of some of the towers we know from our own city, such as the Hilton Hotel (Beetham Tower) which we can even see from school! Then we looked at some different famous towers from around the world. Some we…

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European School Sport Day 2021

On Friday 24th September, we joined thousands of schools across Europe to take part in 120 minutes of exercise throughout the school day. Our day was kicked off with a Wake and Shake in the school playground, followed by a whole school active assembly in the hall.  We were very lucky to have…

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Famous Landmarks

Today we had some great fun creating famous landmarks! Each of our tables are named after a City, we have Beijing, Rio, London, Rome and New York. First, we spoke about these cities, which country they were in and where they were in the world- some of us had even visited these cities before!…

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Mindfulness Mornings

Each morning when we arrive in class, we have 20 minutes of relaxation and mindfulness, to help us settle and get ready for the day! This morning our job was to 'finish the doodle', we had to concentrate really well, and we listened to some relaxing music whilst we finished them. We all did some…

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Time Capsules!

It is our first week in Year 2 so we decided to make time capsules. We discussed what time capsules were and why they are so important, we thought they were super interesting! Then we carefully decorated a paper cup to make our time capsule, and wrote our name and "Do not open until July…

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What are the best conditions for growing beans?


In our science lessons, we're always behaving like scientists and asking questions that we want to find out the answers to.   We looked at different types of seeds and bulbs, we observed their colour, size and shape. Then Mrs Nadin showed us what the bulbs would grow into; we couldn't believe…

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Collective Worship - Refugees

Our collective worship theme this week was Refugees. We didn't know much about what a refugee or a displaced person/s was when Mrs Nadin asked us. We watched a video on the Save the Children website and learned what a refugee is, why people become refugees and how we can help them. We listened to…

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Living or non living?

Year two have been learning all about habitats in our science lessons. We explored our school grounds habitat to look for things that were living and non living. We used our knowledge of the life processes we learned in a previous lesson to help us decide which category our finds went in. We found…

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Eggsperimenting in Year 2!

Our Science topic this half term is Everyday materials and their uses.  We received a letter from some eggs who needed our help to escape from Gorton egg factory!  The only way to escape was from a high window which meant danger of smashing and not surviving.  We worked with a partner to design…

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Year 2 planning a story

We have just introduced a new approach to writing through school. It is called The Wtite Stuff and we were very luck to have three weeks of our writing lessons led by Mrs C - the clever lady who created it. We planned our own stories linked to a short film called Feast about a stray dog who gets…

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Class Dojo Information

What parents can expect from the St. Francis Teaching Team in the coming weeks.


As always, the staff at St. Francis will work as a team to support and guide your child’s learning.

This will be a different way of working for us all.


We will use Class Dojo to keep in touch about…

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Year 5 and Year 2 IT Buddies!

Year 2 were delighted to welcome some of Year 5 to their classroom. The Year 5 children came to teach the younger children how to code using Espresso Coding. They were such good, patient teachers that everyone in Year 2 managed to develop their coding skills. 

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