Year 2 planning a story

We have just introduced a new approach to writing through school. It is called The Wtite Stuff and we were very luck to have three weeks of our writing lessons led by Mrs C - the clever lady who created it. We planned our own stories linked to a short film called Feast about a stray dog who gets…

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Class Dojo Information

What parents can expect from the St. Francis Teaching Team in the coming weeks.


As always, the staff at St. Francis will work as a team to support and guide your child’s learning.

This will be a different way of working for us all.


We will use Class Dojo to keep in touch about…

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Year 5 and Year 2 IT Buddies!

Year 2 were delighted to welcome some of Year 5 to their classroom. The Year 5 children came to teach the younger children how to code using Espresso Coding. They were such good, patient teachers that everyone in Year 2 managed to develop their coding skills. 

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Castle Designers

Year Two visited Skipton Castle and looked at other castles in the U.K. They then put their designer hats on and created their own castles using DT skills of cutting, measuring and using tools safely. They had to think about how to make their castle defences very strong. There were some very…

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Year 2 Skipton Castle Trip

On the 18th of September Year 2 were very excited about going to Skipton Castle. It was the perfect day to visit this fantastic medieval castle. The highlights were the Guardrobe or Long Drop and the dungeon where prisoners would be kept for up to 13 weeks, before going to York. There were also…

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