Class Dojo Information

What parents can expect from the St. Francis Teaching Team in the coming weeks.


As always, the staff at St. Francis will work as a team to support and guide your child’s learning.

This will be a different way of working for us all.


We will use Class Dojo to keep in touch about…

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Trojan horse

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 3 have been working on recreating the Trojan horse. We used our DT skills to design and make a jinx frame with wheel axels. Then we used a net to create the cube to hold the horse. After that we used the hot glue gun to strengthen the jinx frame. They turned out…

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Year 3 Collective Worship

This week's focus for collective worship is the poor. As a class we discussed who the poor are and what they may be in need of. On Tuesday it was World Toilet day and we linked our collective worship them to it. The children came up with some beautiful prayers asking God to help those who don't…

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For maths, the children were learning more about perimeter. As we class, we estimated the perimeter and then used the trundle wheel to see if our estimation was correct. Some of the children's estimations were so close! Turns out the perimeter of that part of the field is 40…

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Year 3 Knowsley Safari Park Trip

Wow! What an amazing first trip. We went to Knowsley Safari Park to learn more about our predators topic. There were lots of animals  such as rhinos, camels, sea lions and lions. We even got to see some tigers! The children really engaged in the tiger workshop and the guided tour around the safari…

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