Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee

Today, Year 3 and 4 created our own crowns to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. We created a parade in the hall, walking like kings and queens around the room. We chose some winners who created the most fantastic crowns! We played some themed games around the Queen's Jubilee. We had a lot of…

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Miles for Ukraine

Year 4 are walking a combined total of 60 miles a day to reach our target of 1830 miles (the distance from Manchester to Ukraine). 
Keep going Year 4, you can do this!!


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In this afternoon’s topic lesson, Year 4 explored the mummification process. 

Firstly we performed the embalming and mummification processes on our very brave volunteer, Aaron. It was very gruesome (with bloody, guts and scary sound effects). 
Then, in pairs, everyone performed these processes…

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Science week in Year 3 and 4

The cornflour egg experiment! 

Year 3 and 4 teamed up together to mix cornflour with water to experiment with how, when pressure is applied, the liquid solution becomes a solid. They then tested with, upon impact, the cornflour and water would turn to a solid to protect an egg from cracking. 

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Finding the area of rectangles

This week in maths we are finding the area of rectilinear shapes.  Today we practised drawing rectangles in our maths books and finding the area by counting the squares or using the rule of length x width to find the answer.

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Floating and sinking experience day

Today we had our fourth experience day as part of our writing unit based on the book 'The Whale'.  We took part in a problem solving challenge related to the character Lucy's adventure in the story.  We worked in small groups to build a boat / raft in 25 minutes that would float with a ball of…

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Jesus is presented in the Temple.

Today in RE, we read the story of Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem when he was a newborn baby. It was written in Jewish law that the first born boy in a family had to be presented in this way to become fully part of God. In the Temple, Anna and Simeon were overjoyed that…

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Hunting for right angles

This week we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes in our maths lessons. We went on a hunt around school with Miss Hawkins looking for right angles. We found so many! Can you find objects in your house that have a right angle? 

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Hooray for handwriting!

We have been working so hard in our handwriting lessons. Because we have missed out on being in school, some of our letter formation isn't correct so we've gone back to basics!  We're making sure our letters are the correct size and shape so that when we join, our writing is neat and we're able to…

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Properties of triangles

This week in maths, we've been learning the properties of 2D shapes, in particular triangles and quadrilaterals. We learned the names for different triangles; equilateral, scalene, isosceles and right angled and the properties that belong to each of them. Mrs Nadin put us in groups and we had to…

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Rounding numbers

Today we consolidated our understanding of rounding a number to the nearest 10/100/1000. With a partner we played a rounding game taking turns to choose a cube to reveal a 4 digit number on the game-board. We had to read aloud the number to our partner and then round it to the nearest 1000. If we…

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It was our turn to lead the Mass in church this week. We chose a Mass on sharing as we're coming into the season of Harvest which is all about sharing what we have with others.  Fr. Kevin remarked on how well we had prepared for the Mass and that we read and sang beautifully.  He was very…

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