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Year 5 Teacher , SENDCo and Humanities

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Welcome to Year 5!

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As the children move into Upper Key Stage 2 we work on developing further independence in our learning and our everyday lives. We make sure that everyone develops great independent learning skills by working with buddies and in small groups. Working in a number of ways, we do a lot of our learning by working collaboratively through speaking and listening: We ‘brainstorm’ ideas together and share and ‘magpie’ to make those ideas even better.

We have a great range of topics in Year 5 with some fabulous books used to support the topic as well as the development of our English skills.

We start the year by being ‘Stargazers’ and going on an amazing trip to Jodrell Bank Observatory. This is followed by a very thought provoking Geography topic about South Africa. We use the wonderful book by Beverley Naidoo called Journey to Jo’Burg. As well as learning about the Geography of South Africa we also learn about Nelson Mandela and apartheid.

Spring Term brings us to some history-led topics, Traders and Raiders where we learn all about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. As part of the topic, Beowulf is always a very a popular (gory!) reading experience for Year 5. We read Michael Morpurgo’s version of one of the most important works of Old English literature.

In our Princes, Pestilence and Plague topic we get to grips with the Black Death. In fact this year we were unable to go into our classroom, due to possible ‘contamination’. Most of us thoroughly enjoyed having our classroom full of rats and skeletons!

In the Summer Term our Scream Machine topic gives us an excuse to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where we experienced some of the forces that we learn about in Science.

For details of what is covered in each topic have a look here

Year 5 Termly Curriculum Overviews

Now that we are older and more responsible for our own belongings, we remember our P.E. kits on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Taking responsibility for our home learning, we have a tick list which we monitor ourselves and share with our parents. We can tell our parents/families which areas and skills we need to practise most. We choose from a list of tasks, making sure we choose those that will help us become even better at our learning. Home Learning Folders are due in every Thursday so that parents and teachers can communicate about what is being done at home. We can really see the difference in our progress when we focus well on our home learning tasks.

Not everything we do is easy to ‘measure’. However, in Year 5 we have a special Progress Chart. It helps us to celebrate even the smallest of successes. We get a progress sticker if we get even one more mark than last week in our Spelling Test, Let’s Practise Maths and Writing Toolkit. Each term, we try to improve our assessment scores to earn progress stickers too. When we have earned 10 – we can choose a small prize from the basket. We are becoming really good at knowing what we need to practise more at home to help us to be the best that we can be.

For some great ideas of home learning activities that you can do with your child to support their topic work have a look here

Year 5 Home Learning


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